Team Lead / Principal Software Developer | Rubyist / Ruby On Rails

Company: High Country Search Group
Location: Not Specified, Not Specified, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 05.JAN.2021
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THE OVERVIEW: We're a local Denver/Boulder-based Software Development recruiting agency, and we're currently helping multiple local clients...



We're a local Denver/Boulder-based Software Development recruiting agency, and we're currently helping multiple local clients find Mid, Senior, and Principal Full Stack (and remote) Ruby on Rails / Polyglot Developers with strong Computer Science fundamentals.


Our 1st client is a Denver based, bootstrapped, female-founded, series-A startup that's doing exceptionally well with their core business and pushing hard on their tech arm with recent VC funding. This female-founded company is on track to become a highly recognized industry disruptor. They are looking for a Team Lead / Principal Developer and a Senior Developer to help them as they take on a greenfield build, sunsetting a Node.js platform, rebuilding in RoR, and taking off from there

If hired, you would build on a proven system with a strong ~6 member tech team (~75 total with the company) that is dedicated to being the #1 platform in their niche space. With your help, they will offer a marketplace that combines an LMS system, job matching, one-on-one education, teaching, and much more.

Our 2nd client is a Dual HQ, Denver, and SF based Series B company in the telehealth space. Simply put, they cut out the "terrible" parts of going to the doctor, and even the "terrible" parts of video-based telehealth. They connect people to doctors 24/7/365, with a modern, text first, text-based system that leapfrogs legacy telehealth solutions. They boast an 80 Net Promoter Score, in an industry where 36 is the average... Woah. Yea! Not only do they deliver the best in market UX, but also the best in employee/member loyalty.

They are currently hiring a Lead Developer and 3 Senior Developers. As for the culture, they are huge on work/life balance. The founders and leaders have young kids, and while they are still a startup, they believe in family values and in taking time away from work. This is not a startup where you are praised for long, hard hours ... You are encouraged to take time off. You are expected to value your life outside of work. Yes, they move fast, but they believe in quality engineering, and in doing things right the first time to prevent adverse effects on the other end.... tooling, linking, testing, best practices, paying down tech debt, continuous learning... A package that seems to be one of the best in the market right now.


If you consider yourself a Rubyist or a Polyglot developer and you have 3-15+ years of experience with Ruby with Rubyist leanings, let's chat ;) Both clients above are hiring at multiple levels, and we have 2-3 other clients that are "very likely" hiring Rubyist's in Q1 2021 as well. Drop your resume here, and we'll get back to you ASAP!



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