Support Engineer

Location: Stamford, Connecticut, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.NOV.2020


Junior Ruby On Rails/Full Stack development job with internal support role


Hedgeye is looking for a Support Engineer. The Support Engineer is a junior engineering position that involves full stack web development, while providing support to various parts of the company, notably the customer service department. While a junior position, expect to work on all parts of the web stack. This is primarily a development position that provides support to internal customers.

For the best fit, these things excite you:

Agile Software Development

  • More than just iterative development with standups - You embrace the principles and values of Agile and understand why they exist
  • Fast paced - we deploy to product at least weekly with 1 week iterations/sprints

Ruby and Rails

  • We develop/support numerous apps and programs. Mostly of the code is in Ruby, most of the web apps are in Rails, but not all of them
  • You love Ruby, you love Rails for how they are centered around programmer happiness
  • You also enjoy other programming languages - you like use the right tool for the job

*nix systems and sysadmin

  • We deploy to a variety of endpoints: heroku, raw AWS, Docker on AWS
  • You like getting your hands wet outside of programming
  • You will develop on and deploy to *nix, occasionally we have something to do with Windows but it is rare

Continuous Learning

  • Methodologies - development, design, coding, product development, etc. They all have a place in your heart
  • Technologies - web, frontend, backend, data science, automation - You like to stay abreast
  • Software Craftsmanship - SOLID, Design Patterns, TDD, Refactoring, etc. Honing your craft is important to you
  • We have support from the top down: We have a biweekly Internal Study Group and sponsor conferences

Testing, Continuous Integration, automation

  • Our CI systems support 65 builds at time of writing - that's a lot of builds
  • Know, enjoy writing automated tests
  • TDD/BDD are dear to your heart


  • Per Agile principles - it's all about what's best for the team. We look out for each other and the team as a whole. You're only as fast as your slowest unit
  • Fun. Sense of humor.
  • Work hard. Play hard


  • You enjoy writing, speaking, presenting
  • Dealing with the Customer is a pleasure, not a chore. Figuring what they need and how to best help are integral



  • Develop web applications including planning, coding, testing, debugging, and deploying in an Agile team environment with an emphasis on TDD/BDD and with appropriate supervision
  • Maintain, modify, and update web applications in collaboration with a lead Software Engineer
  • Provide technical assistance reviewing, classifying, prioritizing and routing inbound engineering support requests. Communicate updates and resolution information to  technical and non-technical team members
  • Find, document and track defects performing testing on new software and reporting findings before these reach the field
  • Provide maintenance support for web applications ensuring availability of all applications. Provide production support during off-hours as needed
  • Assist in continuous process improvement
  • Develop products and services, build and maintain software in support of all of Hedgeye’s digital media offerings including web, mobile, video and audio
  • Develop, modify, schedule, monitor, maintain data collection jobs and infrastructure
  • Participate in requirements definition for data tools developed for the research team


  • Experience with web development/ Ruby on Rails, and other languages and tools
  • Knowledge of internet protocols and applications
  • Commitment to continuously improve software craftsmanship
  • Experience and respect for or interest in Agile/Lean development best practices
  • Excellent written, verbal, and presentation communication skill with attention to detail
  • Ability to work effectively both individually and as a part of a team
  • Ability to move between a variety of tasks with changing priorities


  • This is an entry level position
  • Degree in Computer Science or related
  • Experience coding in dynamic languages. Ruby, JavaScript ideal. Additional language experience preferred
  • DSCM experience such as git


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