Sr. to Lead Software Engineer - Hypergrowth Crypto Startup

Company: Skyrocket Ventures
Location: Not Specified, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 05.MAY.2023


Sr. to Lead Software Engineer - Hypergrowth Crypto Startup Location: San Francisco or Remote The company's team includes some of the big...


Sr. to Lead Software Engineer - Hypergrowth Crypto Startup

Location: San Francisco or Remote

The company's team includes some of the biggest names in the fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency realm. The founding team includes payments domain experts, the Cofounder of a highly valued cryptocurrency, world-class cryptography theorists, and well-known cryptocurrency investors. One of the founders has founded 2 companies that are valued at over $1 billion, including a rapidly growing fintech unicorn that was recently valued at over $10 billion dollars.

The company's product is in the realms of consumer fintech, web and mobile, payments, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The company has raised about $80 million in funding. They are backed by some of the top investors in the space, as well as the founder of a tech company that is valued at over $50 billion.

The company has about 55 employees and 15 engineers (both are about double what they were 1 year ago). The company plans to hire 20-30 engineers in the next 18 months.

In addition to competitive salary (up to $200k), the company is offering significant equity in the company which would translate into tokens of their cryptocurrency which could be highly lucrative.

Job Responsibilities:

- Primarily programming with Node.js

- You will be on the forefront of the rapidly advancing cryptocurrency ecosystem, building next-generation blockchain technology that only recently has become possible to develop.

- You will be developing a payments network for massive scale, which requires a strong focus on security and user trust.

- Developing product roadmap features, analytics tools, and contributing to open source.


- Must be exceptionally intelligent, with the ability to pick up new methods and technologies quickly.

- Expertise in at least one of these programming languages (in order of preference): 1) Solidity or Go or Scala or Node.js or Haskell or OCaml, 2) Java or C++ or C#, 3) Python, 4) Ruby on Rails or PHP

- A language agnostic mentality. Interest and ability to rapidly learn whatever language is best for the job. Willing to learn (if necessary) and primarily program in Node.js

- Integrity, discipline, and unparalleled work ethic are three of your core values

- You must be cool under pressure and hyper efficient.

- Deep interest in blockchain technology.

Nice to have:

- Existing experience as a blockchain and crypto visionary

- Contributions or other demonstrated interest in blockchain technology and applications

- Leadership ability, demonstrated by experience hiring and managing engineers at an amazing company

- Understanding of cryptographic theory - enough to understand general tradeoffs

- Deep knowledge of at least one of:

- Payment channels

- Ethereum

- Solidity

- Lightning networks

- Zcash

- Passion for:

- Decentralized applications / systems

- 'Political' systems, both historical and on the blockchain

- Incentive structures and Game theory

- Payments and payments related systems

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