Sr. Software Engineer - Healthcare Startup

Company: Skyrocket Ventures
Location: Not Specified, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 05.MAY.2023


Sr. Software Engineer - Remote-Friendly Healthcare Startup - up to $200k Menlo Park, CA (after the 1st month, you can work from home up to ...


Sr. Software Engineer - Remote-Friendly Healthcare Startup - up to $200k

Menlo Park, CA (after the 1st month, you can work from home up to 4 days/week)

The company's product is in the realms of health, consumer (primarily) as well as b2b, mobile and web. With all of the rapid technological innovation happening in the health space, their business has been booming and they need to hire many more engineers to keep pace with the demand from their customers and partners.

In this position, you would ideally be about 70% backend and 30% front end, but depending on your preference could be as much as 100% backend or as much as 50% frontend.

The company will pay salary up to $200k plus equity which could be lucrative.


- At least 3 years (the more the better) of backend engineering experience using either Python, Ruby on Rails, Go or Java

- (If no experience in Ruby on Rails) Willing and able to learn Ruby on Rails and use that primarily.

- Proven experience delivering high quality production code on schedule.

- Ability to own a project from concept to completion

- Solid communication skills

- Strong CS fundamentals

Nice to have:

- Experience building a marketplace platform (such as Uber, Airbnb, Upwork, etc.)

- Experience with machine learning

- Experience with data-focused applications

- Ability do be full stack. Experience with Javascript and React

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