Software Engineer III - Ruby-on-Rails (India)

Company: MINDBODY, Inc
Location: San Luis Obispo , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.SEP.2017


JOB FAMILY SUMMARY: Performs all configuration engineering tasks associated with product release. Plans the development of product builds a...



Performs all configuration engineering tasks associated with product release. Plans the development of product builds and build releases. Develops and maintains processes and procedures to support product builds. Develops tools to assist in build automation. Monitors, records, and control changes to maintain product integrity. Prepares technical documentation for support.


The Software Engineer III - Ruby-on-Rails is a senior level developer who will be responsible for architecting, developing, and operating a highly scalable distributed system that powers a large amount of servers. This person will be highly customer-focused and able to learn in depth about existing software development tools. They will be comfortable working in an agile environment that regularly delivers quality releases and responds quickly to user needs. Most of all, incumbents should love creating things and take pride in building cool applications for customers.

The Software Engineer III- Ruby-on-Rails should have a passion for how web applications should be built, care about making other developers' lives better, and thrive in a startup environment. Responsible for the release and deploy system and process.


* Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or equivalent

* 6+ years of software development experience.

* 2+ years of experience in Ruby development.

* 3+ years professional experience with production Rails apps

* 2+ years of experience in another programming language like C#, Java, C/C++, Powershell, Perl, Python or JavaScript development.

* Strong OO design and coding skills.

* Fluent in data structures, algorithms, and asynchronous architectures.

* Experience with version control systems

* Experience with TFS and Microsoft .NET Technologies

* Experience in Visual Studio, TFS, IIS in a fast-paced Scrum/Agile environment

* Experience building scalable infrastructure or Distributed Systems required

* Experience with Chef or Puppet are a plus

* Detailed oriented, professional and possesses a positive work attitude

* Keen interest in the latest web technologies and strong desire to build the next great web app

* Communicate professionally both verbally and in writing


* Owns, manages and improves the release process.

* Develops, improves, maintains and troubleshoots build and release management tools.

* Manages the maintenance release process and ensures that applications and services successfully deploy to production environment.

* Drives the movement of code through branch structure including merging, rebasing and conflicts.

* Documents system workflows for software release management.

* Coordinates with managers, developers and QA to maintain an aggressive Release schedule.

* Provides training, mentorship, and assistance to Engineers and department.

* Designs, maintains and improves processes to ensure the implementation of Release policies.

* Document and build tools to aid with metrics and visibility.

* Drive and collaborate interdepartmentally to build automation tools and utilities.

* Identifies and implements processes to strengthen, streamline and automate build and Release processes.

* Documents, builds and enforces Release policies.

* All other duties as assigned.

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