Software Engineer II, Ruby on Rails

Company: Cofense
Location: LEESBURG, Virginia, Remote - Anywhere
Type: Full-time
Posted: 14.MAR.2022


Cofense is hiring a Ruby on Rails engineer to join the PhishMe team at the Software Engineer II level. Our PhishMe team comprises five to ten members


Cofense is hiring a Ruby on Rails engineer to join the PhishMe team at the Software Engineer II level. Our PhishMe team comprises five to ten members from a variety of disciplines and a broad range of experience levels. We're a passionate and motivated group. We embrace agile methodologies and retrospective process improvement as a team, and care about the quality of the software we ship. 


PhishMe is Cofense’s flagship product and has been running in production since its founding in 2012. Our technology is built on Rails, Vue.js, and several AWS services. You will be a core contributor to the development and maintenance of PhishMe, and will participate in the full product development lifecycle, from ideation and planning to architecture, implementation, release, and beyond. We are a mature engineering organization, and our practices have been refined over many years of execution. Our culture values the growth of our teammates --- we're always ready to teach as well as learn, through pair programming, informal presentations, or focused mentorship. The company offers ample opportunity for internal mobility and established career progression options along technical or non-technical tracks


Your Opportunities as a PhishMe Engineer 

  • Grow your career within Cofense along well-defined technical and non-technical tracks 
  • Gain professional experience with over a dozen AWS (Amazon Web Services) services 
  • Participate in the full lifecycle of product development, from ideation and planning to architecture and deployment  
  • Deepen your technical and non-technical skills through focused coaching and mentorship 


Essential Duties/Responsibilities 

  • Take part in the implementation of new features using code that emphasize clarity, robustness, and maintainability 
  • Actively learn and grow through pair programming and code reviews 
  • Effectively communicate and collaborate with stakeholders on the planning and design of new work 
  • Maintain, support, and improve existing features 
  • Contribute to team planning efforts assessing technical feasibility of product changes 
  • Other duties as assigned 


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required 

  • Familiarity with Ruby and Ruby on Rails 
  • Test-Driven Development with RSpec, MiniTest, Cucumber, or equivalent 
  • git or similar VCS 
  • Comfort navigating the command line 
  • Ability to triage, diagnose, and remediate bugs or unintended behavior in software 
  • Motivation and curiosity to continuously learn and improve 


Education and/or Experience: 

  • At least 3 – 5  years of professional experience developing a Ruby on Rails application 
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience preferred 

- Disclaimer- 

The above statements are neither intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of the job described, nor are they intended to be a listing of all of the skills and abilities required to do the job. Rather, they are intended only to describe the general nature of the job. This job description is not a contract of employment, either express or implied. Employment with Cofense will be voluntarily entered into and your employment is considered at will. Cofense reserves the right to alter the job description at any time without notice.


Cofense is committed to equal employment opportunity. We will not discriminate against employees or applicants for employment on any legally recognized basis [protected class] including, but not limited to: veteran status, uniform service member status, race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, marital status, genetic information or any other status or characteristic protected by applicable national, federal, state or local laws and ordinances. We adhere to these commitments in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training, compensation, promotion, benefits, and discipline. 



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