Software Engineer, Full Stack

Company: CaterCow
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 06.SEP.2017


CaterCow is a small company doing big things in the food world. Help us scale 100x.


Help CaterCow scale!

CaterCow is a small team doing big things in the food world - we are a marketplace that helps thousands of offices, event planners, and individuals order food for their groups.

You will be one of our first engineers and have a HUGE impact on the success of our company.

As a Full Stack Developer reporting to the CEO / technical cofounder, you will design and write code that allows us to work with 100x the number of customers and restaurants in every major US market.

In your first 6 months, you should expect to...
· Build internal features that directly support our Operations, Sales, & Package teams
· Find opportunities to improve our Infrastructure (AWS experience is a plus)
· Identify bottlenecks and speed up various pages / queries as we hit new limits from user growth
· Deploy new customer and caterer facing features to improve retention and conversion
· Improve analytics and A/B testing to support and empower non-technical teams within CaterCow
· Be involved in major product and company decisions

A few reasons CaterCow might be interesting to you
· We LOVE food and geek out on eating everything and anything
· We have a 5+ year track record of product market fit in major US markets
· Work on an engineering team built by Airbnb's second engineer
· Our revenue and profitability are growing significantly
· We do fun stuff together (in the past we've traveled to Switzerland, Istanbul, Greece, and South America)
· We're playing to win and intend to be the biggest, most successful group food ordering company in the United States


· 2+ years professional experience as a software developer
· Comfort with the Backend and Frontend
· You've successfully built something from nothing (a company, an idea, a feature, etc.)
· Great communication skills, particularly with non-technical team members
· Relevant experience in some or all of the following: Ruby, Rails, MySQL, AWS (EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, CloudSearch, CloudFront, etc.)
· Comfortable working with APIs (for example: Stripe, Twilio, Google, FB, MaxMind, or any other) or APIs in general
· Well-rounded experience with small software teams (ability to get your hands dirty with tons of projects)

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