Software Developer (Ruby / ROR / JS) - Must already have TS/SCI + FS P

Company: BitRelish Corporation
Location: Reston , Virginia, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 03.JAN.2020


Must already have TS/SCI clearance (with Full Scope Polygraph) used in the past 24 months 1-3 year US government contract Philosophy of Bi...


Must already have TS/SCI clearance (with Full Scope Polygraph) used in the past 24 months

1-3 year US government contract

Philosophy of BitRelish:

Founded in 2013 with the goal of providing technology services to the Intelligence Community and developing new capabilities for emerging technologies such as augmented reality, BitRelish has rapidly grown its scope and contracts. We believe that a work environment that fosters trust, respect and life-long learning produces happy, healthy employees who go on to achieve great things. We strive for revolutionary advances in technology and believe that our four ingredients are the secret sauce to achieving that success.

Job information:

Data Acquisition Business Support

The Sponsor requires Contractor support for the development of several applications supporting their business services. For instance, the Sponsor's team supports the Library who uses an application to manage mission partner interaction and processing incoming requirements. The Sponsor's team would like to take the application and modify it with a similar but team-centric web front end and altered business-handling backend to support data acquisition activities and requirements from mission partners. In addition to this requirements product, the Sponsor would like to integrate its team's planning and activities into the group-level established agile development framework with additional automated interfaces and applications.

The Contractor shall provide a dedicated team to provide automated tools.

The Sponsor's robust and comprehensive structured approach will be utilized using an Agile software development team. Contractor team support shall include:

• Evaluate existing applications for portability with respect to supporting team services.
• Develop requirements for new functionality, redesign the applications and/or exploit existing tools to add new features supporting team services, optimize, scale or improve stability and performance.
• Develop and manage the security accreditation documentation and process.
• Provide O&M support for the life of the system or application.

The Sponsor uses the Agile Framework to plan all efforts. The Contractor will use the Agile Scrum for software development. The Contractor will identify the appropriate sprint cycle timeframe that is approved by the Sponsor and use the Sponsor's project work tracking system to track all tasks and user stories. The scrum team will be led by a Sponsor project manager who will also serve as the scrum master.

The Contractor team shall possess extensive experience working in Ruby on Rails, System Works, and development and support for systems running in the Sponsor's cloud environment. The Contractor shall have experience in DevOps and successfully transition applications from one environment to another. It is preferable that the team have experience successfully transitioning applications to production via the Sponsor's Assessment and Accreditation (A&A) process.

The Contractor shall provide personnel with the requisite skills and expertise needed to successfully perform and deliver the requirements as requested by the Sponsor.

The Contractor team shall, at a minimum, possess the following experience:

• Software Developers - 5 years software development experience, preferably in the Sponsor's development environment.

Experience shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

• One FTE with three-plus (3+) years of related ServiceNow development experience and expertise leading at least three full lifecycle ServiceNow implementations. This includes development, deployment, testing, and monitoring. Remaining FTE shall have some experience with ServiceNow development and implementations.
• Demonstrated experience with distributed computing architectures and API management. (For example, create and maintain API and data integration processes between ServiceNow and other services.)
• Expertise leading the implementation of various RMDBs capabilities. This includes development, deployment, testing, and monitoring.
• Demonstrated on-the-job experience with Agile methodology.

The Contractor team shall have expertise in the following technologies to include, but not limited to:

MySQL (or Oracle)
Other Databases- (e.g.; Amazon RDS, mongoDB, etc.)

Assessment and Validation:

The Contractor shall assess candidate systems and applications as potential Sponsor business systems and applications.
The Contractor shall identify key interdependencies, roadblocks, issues, and risks with modifying existing systems and develop/integrate/implement a plan to proactively address these issues in a timely manner.

Evaluation of Existing Business Systems and Development of new Sponsor Business Applications:

The Contractor shall develop and document requirements for Sponsor systems.
The Contractor shall develop new systems to satisfy respective requirements.
The Contractor shall develop, document and execute test scenarios, plans and procedures for acceptance testing.
The Contractor shall ensure the software interfaces properly with related systems and includes configuring and installing appropriate software.
The Contractor shall ensure performance testing is completed.

Security Accreditation:

The Contractor shall work with Sponsor to maintain and implement a strategy for appropriately handling security-sensitive applications. The Contractor shall address applicable auditing requirements.
The Contractor shall comply with the Sponsor's Assessment and Authorization (A&A) process and provide for the appropriate documentation through the various facets of this process. Sponsor shall approve these packages prior to providing to accreditation authority.

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