Software Developer (fulltime, part time, or contract)

Location: Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Remote - Anywhere
Type: Full-time
Posted: 15.NOV.2019


Op4G, Inc., a market research data collection company founded in 2010, is looking for an experienced Rails developer.


Core skills/experience

- 2-3 years' experience with Ruby/Rails supporting significant business operations
- 3-5 years' experience with web-based software and online technologies on moderately complex to highly complex projects
- experience with REST APIs and third-party integrations
- basic linux; should operate in a linux dev environment, including Mac (our devs all use Macs currently)
- basic to intermediate experience with data migrations and relational databases, esp. MySQL and Postgres
- familiarity with front-end frameworks such as Bootstrap, etc.
- strong work ethic in remote work situations
- ability to communicate well in standard American English over email, company chat, etc.
- availability during standard business hours, as needed
- must be US-based and able to travel within the continental US 2-3 times/year
- ability to work congenially with non-technical stakeholders to troubleshoot, clarify requirements, etc.

Desired/Bonus skills

- JS best practices, frameworks
- Interface design and UX
- Basic visual design and photoshop/graphics production
- advanced raw queries in relational databases
- experience pair programming and peer review
- experience developing business intelligence tools

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