Senior Software Engineer - Ruby on Rails/Unix

Company: Acunote
Location: San Mateo , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 19.JUL.2017


We are looking for an exceptional software engineer to join our teambuilding hosted web application using Ruby on Rails. We don'tnecessarily...


We are looking for an exceptional software engineer to join our teambuilding hosted web application using Ruby on Rails. We don'tnecessarily expect prior Rails experience, but we want to see animpressive software development background, strong motivation and thedesire to learn. We consider specific prior knowledge and skillssecondary to the ability to get things done, intelligence, motivationand experience.

The ideal candidate will be a generalist, with experience developingboth large systems (e.g. operating systems, databases, applicationsservers, compilers, large-scale enterprise software) and applicationsoftware. Experience with UNIX is a must. Experience with webapplications and databases is extremely helpful. Ruby/Railsexperience would be great.

Pluron, Inc is the maker of Acunote, onlineproject management software for Agile development. We are based inFoster City, CA. This job is with our R&D group in Ukraine (Kiev andNikolayev), but we will consider qualified candidates elsewhere.

Qualifications (several are desirable, NOT all are required)Domain Knowledge:

* Experience developing web applications and understanding of the underlying technologies (e.g. HTTP, SSL, tcp)

* Experience with Ruby on Rails stack

* Experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX

* Extensive experience with relational data modeling, SQL, and other database technologies

* Experience with web services


* Exceptional problem solving skills

* Good English

* Active participation in open-source projects, mailing lists, blogs

* Good writing skills

Background/Software Engineering:

* Computer Science or related degree

* Expert knowledge and extensive experience with C and C++

* Mastery of some number of interesting languages (e.g. Lisp, Smalltalk, OCaml, Haskell, Perl, Python, Ruby)

* Commitment to creating modular, loosely coupled designs and writing easily understandable, documented, maintainable code

* Affinity for automated test coverage, unit testing, test-driven development, refactoring

* Experience with concurrency and distributed computing

* Experince with regular expressions


* Extensive experience using UNIX both as advanced user and an administrator

* Experience administering Debian Linux, web servers, PostgreSQL, Postfix, Subversion, MediaWiki

* Experience with source control tools, e.g. Subversion, Perforce, Git, ClearCase, CVS

* Ability and desire to automate tasks and create tools

* Mastery of an advanced programmer's editor - Emacs, vi, Eclipse, KDevelop, etc.

Please send your resume and cover letter as plain text, PDF, or MSWord to //. Please include your name inthe Subject of the email.

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