Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails)

Company: Widger Talent LLC
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.MAR.2018


Job Description REQUIRES COMPANY-FUNDED RELOCATION TO SANTA BARBARA, CA AREA The Widger Talent team has worked with a broad range of compa...


Job Description


The Widger Talent team has worked with a broad range of companies, from startups to the F500, to find talent across the entire tech stack. One of our current clients develops large cloud-based enterprise applications for the construction industry and is seeking a Senior Ruby-on-Rails Engineer to join their team​. We help find engineers to work with all departments from sales, account management, support, and product; with a strong emphasis on the ability to speak with clients to understand user needs using tools like Ruby/Rails/Postgres on Rackspace Private Cloud.​ ​There is an immediate opening for someone to join the team based out in Carpinteria, CA on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

What you'll do:

● Translate UX designs into fully functional applications

● Make architectural design decisions that improve scalability & performance

● Build products that meet the customer's needs

● Exercise code reviews & provide constructive feedback

● Effectively collaborate with Product, QA, UX, and other internal groups (both technical and non-technical)

● Mentor junior engineers

What we're looking for:

● 5+ years experience in Ruby on Rails, or similar technologies

● Experience in working with asynchronous requests in large scale applications

● Experienced in Agile development and TDD

● Knowledgeable in SQL (PostgreSQL)

● Experience in working and developing RESTful APIs

● Familiarity with Linux, AWS (EC2, S3, etc.), HTML, and CSS

● Understanding of a typical web development life-cycle including: development, testing, staging, deploying, and monitoring

Bonus Points:

● Experience with Javascript libraries, preferably React.js

● Collaboration and contribution to open source

Current projects:

Live Finance:​ A unique opportunity to work on accounting principles but with a twist! The financials team works on budget reconciliation on live projects with budget input happening in real time all day long. If you are interested in challenges surrounding balance and ledgers, without the bureaucracy that comes with financial institutions, this is the perfect role for you.

Scalability:​ If scalability is of interest to you, here is the ultimate challenge. We are looking at taking an existing system and scaling from 1M users to 10M users. We know Ruby and Rails can scale and we want to prove that and work with engineers who are ready to take on that challenge. This is a great chance to work on live, core systems with a million users.

Big Data:​ Be a part of​ ​building an entire dashboarding system and working with terabytes of data and users that go back over 10 years. If areas like big data mining, business intelligence and data visualizations are of interest to you, this is a great opportunity to work on those problems while seeing your work come to life and interfacing with customers.

● Complex file systems:​ If you are interested in challenges like: pdf creation, photo management, permissions and file revisioning, this is the perfect team for you. We are working on building a world class document and photo file management system from the ground up. You will get to work on the complexities that come with disassembling giant blueprint pdf's, adding markups and call outs and writing it back so everything is unchanged

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