Senior Software Engineer, Ruby

Company: EPIX
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 24.AUG.2018


The Senior Software Engineer, Ruby is capable of building highly scalable, elegant and best-in-class software using proven & modern design patterns.


At EPIX, we design and develop the media world of our dreams. Then, we make it a reality for all of our users, no matter what platform they’re using to watch us.

Being part of the Digital team at EPIX means:

  • You’re cool with working on lots of awesome things, often at the same time
  • You like perfect, but you operate in Agile so you respect the build/iterate/optimize approach
  • You’re willing to fail in order to innovate, and unafraid to dabble in things like chatbots, AR, VR and whatever else is new or cool
  • You thrive in a world where micromanagement isn’t a thing
  • You’re as big a fan of movies and TV as we are, but have an even greater obsession with working on a team filled with smart, fun, opinionated people united in building solutions for whatever comes our way.

The EPIX team is passionate, energetic, motivated, lean and fun. We believe deeply in collaboration - editorial works with development, design tests with QA, and operations collaborates with product - and we all come together to power 253 devices, plus a Honda, in-house. We’ve got personality for days, aren’t afraid of a challenge or deadline, and are committed to providing our users with a best in class experience.

Candidates who do not like Slack, doughnuts, GIFs, Hackathons (and subsequent prizing), campy movie posters, chocolate, ping pong/shuffleboard battles as a means to settle debates, and winning lots of awards, need not apply.

You are able to communicate and delegate effectively, interacting with our product team to spike, ticket and estimate work in our Agile process. You provide innovative solutions to complex business problems and have solid command of planning, developing and implementing large-scale projects from conception to completion with a lean, highly efficient and motivated team using Agile methodologies.

You will be building fast and elegant APIs that serve consumer applications running on 14 different platforms. You will be building highly scalable production systems to generate & serve media assets to millions of users.

What you will do:

  • Communicate effectively with a distributed team of development & QA engineers, product managers as well as other internal/external teams
  • Understand and promote development best practices
  • Mentor and exchange ideas with front and back end developers
  • Build fast, elegant, best in class Ruby API services that eclipse the competition
  • Scale Ruby in production environments
  • Optimize Performance and optimization techniques: Databases, Elasticache, Lambda, SQS etc.
  • Writing good testable code using Cucumber, RSpec

What you will need:

  • 3 - 5 years of experience with Ruby
  • BS in Computer Science or closely related technical field
  • Test Driven Development using Cucumber and Rspec
  • Thorough understanding of full-stack security and performance issues
  • Online media/streaming delivery experience a plus
  • DevOps experience using Jenkins and AWS
  • Excellent understanding of the hows and whys of Git

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