Senior Software Engineer - Remote (US and UK)

Company: Litmus
Location: Remote - Anywhere
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.APR.2022


Join our Applications team and help us expand our product line, improve our existing products, and build the next generation of tools!


What's it like to work in Engineering at Litmus?
You'd work alongside a team of smart, curious people working on challenging problems. We're a motley crew of developers with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. We're reflective about how we work, and strive to create a thoughtful, authentic culture. Most importantly, we're supportive of one another; we work as a team to enable each other to do our best work.
We're also strong believers of using the right tool for the job. We lean heavily on Rails and the traditional request/response web lifecycle for most of our work. That said, we reach for component frameworks like Vue when there's a clear benefit, and we've implemented full client-side MVC/SPA when the product demanded it.
We give our team members the time and space to learn and apply these and other tools correctly. We share our knowledge with each other on a regular basis through pairing, PR reviews, and team talks.
What are we looking for in a candidate?
  • You have a well-founded understanding of Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We won't limit to ‘x’ years’ experience, but you should be able to impress us with your app building skills, confident use of Ruby and Rails, and understanding of web development. We're happy to introduce you to the other technologies we use.
  • You are experienced but maybe early in your software engineering career. This is equally an opportunity for both our senior team to actively mentor and support you, but also for you to bring a new and fresh perspective to our team as we continue to grow.
  • You know how to build things from start to finish. You can identify a need, understand its impact, and seek out and work with others to deliver a well-crafted solution in a team environment—asking for help when needed.
  • You have good communication skills. As a distributed team, it’s important that we're able to understand each other, verbally and in writing, connecting at the appropriate level of abstraction. You communicate clearly and with empathy, whether you’re discussing refactoring options with a developer, or working with a designer to understand user experience.
  • You write clean, thoughtful code. Our code is the home that we live in every day. You enjoy putting effort into crafting understandable and well-tested code, to make everyone’s shared development experience more enjoyable.
  • You are eager to collaborate, learn and teach. Our Engineering team is friendly and supportive of each other, and we look for opportunities to learn from each other’s experience.
What is the hiring process like?
Our hiring team reviews all applications. We communicate with candidates at every step of the process, letting them know if we'll be moving forward, and what they can expect in the next phase.
  • Initial interview. In a relaxed, Slack/text-based chat, you’ll meet the hiring team, tell us about yourself, and learn more about Litmus and this role in particular.
  • Sample project. We'll ask you to complete a time-boxed exercise on your schedule as an example of your best work. Your code, commit history, and resume will be anonymized and passed to the engineering team for review.
  • Follow-up interview. You'll meet with the hiring team on a Zoom call to discuss your sample project, share context around decisions made along the way, and chat about other technical topics.
  • Final round. Spend a day pairing with your hiring manager on extensions to your sample project, and meet some of our engineering leaders and the rest of our Rails team over Zoom!

Why should I choose Litmus?
We offer everything you'd expect from a financially successful and profitable company that's been going strong for over ten years.
  • 28 days of paid vacation—that’s on top of team retreats, wellness days, and public holidays.
  • Family-friendly. Flexible schedules along with generous parental leave policies.
  • Remote-friendly culture. You'll join a completely distributed engineering team, and will benefit from the first-class remote experience we've created—giving you the flexibility to work where you want, with all of the tools and resources you need to succeed.
  • Great tools and tech. We give you the hardware, software, home- and office setups - whatever you need to do your best work.
  • Affinity Groups, volunteer days, platform for good. The space and time to make a positive impact both inside and outside of work
Not sure if you meet all the requirements? Please apply! We know there is no job description that can measure a person’s attitude, aptitude, or amplitude (the ability to turn it up a notch) and highly encourage you to apply.
Our approach is shaped by a strong respect for each individual. This applies to every aspect of employment – from equitable wages, work-life balance, the freedom to be your whole self, to equal opportunities for growth and development at Litmus. We believe wholeheartedly the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be.

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