Senior Rails Software Engineer

Company: Haywire Consulting
Location: Austin, Texas, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 10.NOV.2019


We help large websites make and measure SEO-based changes at scale. We're using predictive mathematical formulas, machine learning and big d...


We help large websites make and measure SEO-based changes at scale. We're using predictive mathematical formulas, machine learning and big data analysis to provide our customers with insights on how they can grow traffic and increase conversions.

We are looking for a senior backend developer to join our growing team.

We're data heavy, and data hungry, so you have to LOVE data. Much of your job will be working with large datasets at scale, creating complex queries, complex reports, and helping us extract more value from our dataset as it grows.

You'll also be meshing together data from external services and APIs, so we can continue to offer our customers a more complete picture of how their site, and pages are performing.

Our app is broken up across several microservices, and powered by Google Cloud / Kubernetes.

In your response, please share your experience with big data, working with large datasets, heavy app loads etc.

We believes in team autonomy, results only work environment, and work life harmony.

**Responsibilities: **

  • Work on our Rails-based JSON APIs, auth services, data pipelines and databases
  • Help maintain code quality, organization and automatization
  • Analyzing the existing data for helpful predictions for our customers (to help them grow their website)
  • Help build complex data queries to mashup large datasets, in a performant way
  • Work with third party data scientists and machine learning experts to extract meaning from our data
  • Improving our crawler and helping increase the data we're gathering from pages - more onpage information (word count etc)
  • Integrate more 3rd party services to enhance and augment our available data
  • Understand and influence the vision and overall strategy


- Ruby/Rails Expert 5+ years minimum

- Postgres/Database expert - you should be very comfortable with low level database engineering, complex queries and large datasets.

- Expert with API Development 5+ years minimum

- Experience with big data analysis

- Machine learning is a big bonus

- TimescaleDB experience is a bonus

**Nice to haves**

Experience with BigData databases (any/all of the following)

* Redshift

* Hadoop

* Snowflake

* Message Queues

* Kubernetes

* Microservices

* Machine Learning

* Data science

* Statistics

**Our Stack**

- Ruby 2.5.x

- Rails 5 (api only)

- VueJS 2.6.x

- Python/R (stats microservice)

- Node (page speed microservice)

- Postgres

- Redis

Salary: $70,000.00 to $120,000.00 /year


  • Data Science: 5 years (Required)
  • VueJS: 3 years (Required)
  • database engineering: 5 years (Required)
  • Big Data Analytics: 5 years (Required)
  • TimescaleDB: 3 years (Preferred)
  • PostgreSQL: 5 years (Required)
  • Node: 3 years (Required)
  • Python: 5 years (Required)
  • Snowflake: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Kubernetes: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Statistics: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Machine Learning: 3 years (Preferred)
  • Redshift: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Ruby/Rails: 5 years (Required)
  • Microservices: 2 years (Preferred)
  • Hadoop: 2 years (Preferred)
  • REST API's: 5 years (Required)
  • Message Queues: 2 years (Preferred)

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