Senior Rails Engineer

Company: Kapost
Location: Boulder , Colorado, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.NOV.2017


Job Description Kapost is the world's leading provider of content marketing software and services, powering the content operations of more ...


Job Description

Kapost is the world's leading provider of content marketing software and services, powering the content operations of more than 100 companies. Our mission is to build software that is a delight to use, insightful to customers, and, most importantly, is elegant and scalable. We're growing fast, from 15 to 60 employees in the past year, and are looking to add some great folks to our team. We're super proud of our culture and technical challenges that we provide- please read on.

Our Culture

Our culture is well-defined and our work environment is pretty informal. We believe that software development is an art. To that end, our culture is centered around hiring exceptional engineers. While we take our jobs seriously, we don't take ourselves too seriously. We believe in empowerment, autonomy, and flexibility - so you get to determine how you work, where you work, and how long you work. We focus on results. We have a transparent working environment, so you'll know all about goals, strategies, financials, etc. Our team is made up of extraordinary individuals, both personally and professionally. And we plan on always keeping it that way. We also know how to play, so there's plenty of beer, retreats, impromptu celebrations, and company provided all-employee weekly lunches.

The Senior Rails Engineer Role

In this role, you will be responsible for helping to build our backend infrastructure, mostly in the form of Rails-based microservices. Equally as important, you will build services that consume 3rd party APIs in order to improve our product capabilities by leveraging a diversity of integrations.

We are a small team who move fast, so you will be given significant responsibility. We work in multidisciplinary product teams with engineers, product managers, and designers. We maintain a healthy mix of senior engineers and exceptional junior engineers.

You will work on a team where everyone has a voice. You will participate in frank discussions about complicated problems and identifying solutions. You will do all of this in a reasonable amount of time each week, not working 50+ hours in order to get your work done. You will have the freedom to work remotely, typically one day per week.

Responsibilities as a Senior Rails Engineer

  • Build Rails API interfaces that are scalable, easy to document, and fun to use
  • Continually working to modernize our legacy application
  • Future-proof your work through a combination of thoughtful monitoring, automated testing (at the unit, functional, and integration levels- RSpec and Cucumber), refactoring, and modularization
  • Conceptualize and create simple solutions when adapting our product to new integrations
  • Carefully manage both document and SQL data stores, handling large amounts of customer data
  • Collaborate with product and design teams to design simple, powerful, innovative UX
  • Continuous improvement of the team's productivity through automation and processes
  • Lead by example in the area of code review and architecture

The Requirements

  • You're a good person; jerks need not apply - this is not the place for big egos or political motivations
  • 3+ years of Rails development experience in a complex production level environment
  • Strong experience in an Agile development environment
  • A polyglot's thirst for learning new technologies and identifying new solutions to old problems
  • A drive and desire to work on complex technical challenges
  • Knowledge of how to problem solve effectively, especially when debugging and designing
  • Knowledge of Javascript and enough Front End understanding to build some features
  • You enjoying mentoring team members

Skills that will bring you to the top of the list include

  • Excellent Data Modeling skills
  • Previous experience with JS MVC, Ember, and/or Angular
  • Working with distributed systems is a plus
  • Experience with Single Page Web Apps is a big plus
  • Experience with MongoDB / Postgres is a bigger plus

If you are interested in this opportunity please send your resume to:

Company Description
Our mission is to empower marketers to succeed in a buyer-centric marketplace. We provide the most complete solution and services for planning, producing, creating, distributing, and tracking the ROI of content marketing. With Kapost customers are able to move from chaotic and fragmented process to a data-backed and business-driven operation.

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