Senior/Principal E-Commerce Software Engineer

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 07.JUN.2021


Senior/principal engineer focused on e-commerce back end technology: automation, inventory, subscription engine, transactions, workflow, and more.


Got scale? Got scope? Find yours with us, and help us build big.

Bean Box is an innovative, high-growth e-commerce startup, focused on tapping into the fastest-growing segment of the US coffee market: at-home demand for Specialty Coffee. Our customers adore our products, and we get to sample some of the best coffees on the planet while we’re busy making those customers happy.

Software is our edge, our leverage, and the fabric that helps us always do better by our customers. We're looking for a hands-on, experienced, software engineering factotum who can take the lead on any (or all) of our engineering efforts, from front-end commerce to mobile apps to back end inventory management, process automation, and product fulfillment.

The Principal Software Engineer will report to and work in tandem with the CEO to help unlock our next phase of growth. For the next year, this will be an explicitly hands-on role doing full stack engineering, with the opportunity to build an engineering team, over time, thereafter.

Here's what prospective applicants need to understand before applying:

  • Ours is a high-growth, startup-y environment (read: lots of change, lots of challenge).
  • With few exceptions, we prefer building our own systems to piecing together third-party software.
  • Main areas of code work are e-commerce Web site, iOS and Android apps, our subscription engine, warehouse automation and process systems, and a very wide range of backend tools.
  • Technical soup includes Debian, Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Elastic, Redis, GCP for infrastructure, Git, etc. Smatterings of Java, Swift, and Objective-C as needed.
  • Integrations include Stripe, Shippo, Twilio, Klaviyo, Amazon, and a bunch of others.
  • No religion in terms of process, methodology, language, platform, frameworks, etc. Philosophy is do what works, and move fast.
  • Ownership of what we build (and how we build it) is all-encompassing: no PMs, QA teams, product, program or project managers; just our small team and our ability to drive results for our customers and our business.

Applicants really need to be senior generalists, with a wide range of experience, ideally e-commerce related, in their quiver. This is a tremendous opportunity to build a meaningful consumer brand and business, with the added perk of doing joyful engineering every step of the way.

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