Senior/Lead Full-Stack Rails Developer for SubAlert

Company: SubstituteAlert Inc.
Location: San Francisco , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 12.APR.2018


Job Description Remote, flexible hours job for an experienced senior or lead full-stack Rails developer for SubAlert, an app/website that g...


Job Description

Remote, flexible hours job for an experienced senior or lead full-stack Rails developer for SubAlert, an app/website that gives substitute teachers an alert the minute a new job becomes available at a district they work for, and lets them book the job from the app. Think "Uber for substitute teachers". Its the top-rated, top-ranked app of its kind on both the Apple App store and Google Play, with 4.7 stars and 4.4 stars respectively, and about 2,000 reviews on each. The company has been profitable with a steady income stream for several years now. Its a small 3-person company with myself as the founder / only developer, and I am looking to hire a top-notch developer to take over as the developer for the company, hopefully long term, who can maintain what I've already built and improve upon it to take the company to the next level (I've got a bunch of stuff in mind). I'm looking for someone who I don't have to guess if they know what they are doing, or whether their code will hold up over time, and am willing to pay a premium to ensure that. For the near future I'm looking to hire only one person that can do everything necessary. If the developer isn't quite up to speed in some areas, they can learn how to do them, on the clock. Ideally though, I'd like the following skillset:

A lot of Ruby on Rails experience
Multithreaded coding experience
Full-Stack experience
Javascript framework experience, preferably React or Vue
Android & iOS experience
Some Linux administration experience
Preferably some experience dealing with large databases, getting them to scale and optimizing database use and all of that
Preferably a degree in C.S. or a closely related field and graduated with a high GPA

I'd like someone who has had work experience with successful tech companies where they for sure would have worked in the company of other top-notch developers, and will have learned from them. I'd like someone that has worked on a successful, well-reviewed project for at least a few years, as opposed to someone who has primarily worked making MVPs for small start-ups that usually fold after a short time. I want someone whose code has been put to the test, who will have been confronted with any bad design choices they made early on and will have been forced to learn from those mistakes.

The position is remote, and hours are flexible. When there is an emergency the developer will be on call to work full time, occasionally even overtime and weekends if something is really an emergency, but most of the time the developer will be free to set their own hours and choose whether to work full-time or part-time or even take weeks off at a time, just checking in 15 minutes a day to verify everything is running smoothly. Pay will be based on the fraction of full-time worked, but the option to work full time will always be there, guaranteed. Also the job includes full benefits and 2 weeks paid vacation.

Immediate projects on the docket:
- switching to Braintree as a payment processor
- building a strong suite of tests for the project
- updating from Rails 4 to Rails 5
- updating the website frontend to React (or maybe Vue?)
- making the Rails backend purely an API, agnostic to whether the front end is an app or the website. Probably using GraphQL
- building a web app that does everything the mobile apps do
- adding functionality to the apps so that a user can do everything there that they can on the website, and don't have to go to the site to set up their account
- redesign the apps and website so they have a top-notch UI

iOS: -for-frontline- ed/id?mt=8

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