Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer

Company: BloodHub
Location: Phoenix, Arizona, Remote - Anywhere
Type: Full-time
Posted: 11.AUG.2021
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BloodHub is looking for a Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer to help hospitals and blood centers meet patient needs across the US.


*** This is a remote only job and you must be US based ***

What is BloodHub
BloodHub is a small company that services 60% of the nation's blood centers.  Our software suite helps blood centers manage their order to cash cycle with ordering, logistics and billing.  Our focus has earned us a loyal customer base that enjoys using our software.  We know that is a direct result of dedicated engineers enjoying what they do and believing that a high quality feature shipped today is better than a perfect feature shipped tomorrow. We hope to build more features to expand our offering to our customer base and for that we need more engineers.  As a team we probably follow my alma mater motto "Acta Non Verba".  

Who are we looking for
As it says on the tin, Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer. 

  • Senior means you've been a software engineers for at least 3 years, 

    preferably 5. Git is an important tool you know how to use well.  Version control problems suck and good DevOps prevents useless waste of time.

  • Full Stack Rails means you are very experienced with Ruby and Rails.  It also means you can work with our front end (JavaScript mostly) and work with our back end (PostgreSQL mostly). 
  • Engineer means just that.  You enjoy your craft and like solving problems.  You like full cycle systems that deliver high quality results.  Automation is your friend and you build tests for your code not because it makes business sense but because it produces that elusive value all successful software systems need: maintainability.  You know DevOps is not the chore of coding, but the proper manufacturing, QA and shipping of software.

What is the job
We ship software that blood center and hospital users use daily.  High quality is the only way we get to write new code.  Bugs happen, but we squash them, write tests so we don't regress and move on.  The tasks will run the gamut from simple to complex.  As your peers trust you more, additional engineering tasks will come your way and you may get tasks assigned to work on our medical device or enhance the revenue generation engine our customers use.

Who you are
You need to work well alone.  You enjoy the challenge of solving problems and let your code and test suite do the talking.  You know that distractions are the cause of poor code.  You agree that most meetings are useless, email is a necessity and chat is to seek help and foster community.  The help you get you remember and don't ask the same questions over and over again.  At the end of the day you like to close your laptop and you hope your employer will only bother you in an emergency.  

What are we offering
  • Annual Salary offered will be 125-150k.  
  • 401k is offered after some tenure and we match 3% after a year.
  • We pay for Bronze Insurance for the employee.
  • We use Macs and you'll get a MacBook Pro.
  • After a year additional profit sharing may be distributed to your retirement account.
  • 3 weeks vacation accrual
  • You have something specific that you want, let me know.
  • I don't have an HR department so this list may not be all inclusive.

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