Senior Full Stack Engineer

Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.JAN.2021
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Unique opportunity to be a part of a small team that paves our own way working on a product with a physical presence in the world in major US cities.


As a Senior Software Engineer at Orange Barrel Media, you will be on the ground floor of a team that is leading the growth of innovative state-of-the-art interactive kiosks. IKE Smart City ( is an exciting communication platform being deployed in urban downtown areas nationwide. IKE connects cities with people through vivid, life-size touchscreen displays, providing an ever-expanding suite of applications that helps them to explore the very best a city has to offer. Your work will be used by tens of thousands of pedestrians every day, helping them to discover and navigate cities, including food, shopping, events, and social services. It will also allow them to share feedback with cities and stay informed about important events. 
Our major initiatives for the coming year include some work around blindness accessibility endorsed by the National Federation of the Blind (which as far as I know is a first in the space), a new hardware design, and some mobility initiatives partnering with Transit App.
We have IKE deployed around downtown Columbus as well as several other major cities around the US and there’s something really awesome about being able to walk your family up to one and physically touch the work you do every day. We are a startup that exists as part of an already thriving media company. 
  • Kiosks: Ubuntu linux running a custom Electron browser
  • Back-end: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Front-end: React, ES6 Javascript, Service Workers, SCSS, Webpack, Tailwind
  • Testing: Jest, Rspec, Capybara, Cypress
  • Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS, Ansible, Grafana, Rundeck
  • Tooling: GitHub, Slack
  • We believe teams are most productive and happy working in a way that they help to define. Our process is currently based on the ideas of the Shape Up book, though we continually review and refine it over time to meet the needs of the team. As a senior member of the team you will play a large role in deciding how this evolves over time. 
  • We’re a small team (3 engineers, 1 product designer, 1 engineering manager) and looking to stay small. We get a lot done without killing ourselves to do it by being aggressive about automation, and keeping a close eye on code tidiness. We have a great office with catered lunch every-day but we know the commute can be a drag so most people work remotely a couple days a week, and adjust their working hours around their life. We value high quality deliverables above “butts in seats”. Need to take a couple hours in the afternoon for a medical appointment? No problem. We have quarterly team outings where we get lunch somewhere awesome followed by a fun team activity (think axe throwing, top golf, go karts, etc…)
  • If there’s a piece of tooling, book, training, or conference that is going to make you better we make that happen. We shoot for one team conference trip a year as well. We have a bonus plan based on company profitability that you’ll be a part of from day one — when Orange Barrel wins, you win. We offer the standard set of insurances (medical, dental, vision, etc…) as well as 401k with employer match. Lastly there is vacation which we encourage you to take. Get outside, disconnect, be happy and healthy.
  • Design and develop rich JavaScript applications for the kiosk using the latest web technologies.
  • Design and develop features for IKE’s CMS platform that enable our city partners and internal customers to easily manage and curate content for the kiosk. 
  • Establish solid coding patterns, and architecture that enable the team to iterate faster while maintaining high code quality. 
  • Build fault tolerant integrations with third-party services for aggregating data to display on the kiosk.
  • Contribute to automation and infrastructure that allows scaling the platform to thousands of units across the country. 
  • Support the installed base of kiosks resolving bugs and performance issues detected by field support teams or automated systems. 
  • Mentor junior team members on building high quality, well-tested software
  • Work with product management to define IKE’s feature set to drive customer value. 
  • Experienced software engineer with years of building and shipping large scale software systems under your belt
  • Experienced working in a modern web framework (Ruby on Rails preferred)
  • Experienced working in modern JavaScript (React experience preferred)
  • Deep understanding of the whole software stack from front-end to database and how to build a system from the ground up
  • Solid understanding of design patterns and principles
  • Excellent ability to communicate technical concepts to non-technical people, and other engineers
  • Passion for building new things, processes, and culture
  • Desire to work in a highly collaborative environment
  • You like serving as a mentor for junior team members
  • BONUS: You have an eye for design and are good with CSS

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