Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Company: Rippling
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 01.FEB.2024


At Rhythms, we believe that the success of teams and organizations is determined by their internal rhythms - the fundamental processes that ...


At Rhythms, we believe that the success of teams and organizations is determined by their internal rhythms - the fundamental processes that drive every aspect of their operations. Yet, these rhythms are often poorly understood and managed in most organizations, resulting in chaotic, siloed, frustrating, unpredictable, and uneven performance across teams.

We are building an AI-powered operating system to enable enterprises to understand, streamline, and orchestrate their rhythms, elevating the performance of every team to be best-in-class. Our ambition is to transform how teams and businesses operate everyday - to drive higher performance and bring joy into work.

Our CEO, Vetri Vellore, is a successful serial entrepreneur whose previous venture,, was acquired by Microsoft in 2021. We have raised a $26M seed round in December 2023 from top-tier VC firms.

We are looking for a few highly-talented, driven, future entrepreneurs to join our mission.


Generalist (full-stack) backend developers with 10+ years experience. Have a strong preference towards candidates with some Ruby on Rails experience.

Technically proficient individual contributors with a strong focus on simplicity, performance, and security. Have experience working as an SDE3 or in a principal role for the past few years.

Have strong understanding of Postgres & Redis. Some familiarity with cassandra, kafka or modern data stack is a plus.

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or relevant work experience to showcase strong understanding of fundamentals

Have experience with DevOps tools (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes), CI/CD pipelines, monitoring and logging tools (e.g., New Relic, Datadog)

Key Responsibilities

Breaking down complex problem statement into actionable tasks

Work with cross-functional teams to design and implement features

Provide constructive feedback to team members in design and code reviews to ensure best practices and code quality

Deliver high-quality, efficient, reusable, and reliable code with automated tests for maintenance and confidence in our releases

Is comfortable switching between different part of our stack - react.js (frontend), ruby (APIs), python (AI models) or bicep (IaC) when required

Who are we looking for

Ideal Candidate is someone who

Keeps looking for ways to learn and improve their skills

Stays abreast of industry updates, emerging trends & best practices in their field

Continuously look for ways to simplify things: product, process, code

Takes Ownership

Is self-motivated and takes end to end responsibility of design/architecture, development, release & monitoring

Dive into details, auditing original assumptions frequently, analyze & learn from incidents and in the process continuously strive to innovate and simplify

Care about the team and company success - mentoring, helping the team

Is Customer Focussed

Understand and solve real business needs, striving to wow customers by delivering the beyond expectations

Have a problem-solving, debugging mindset - whether it is a bug in code or a user complaint

What you can expect from us

Remote team with quarterly offsites

Competitive compensation

Access to top-notch tools and services, including the latest M3 Max MacBook Pro and GitHub Copilot

Flexibility in work hours, with some overlap with India (GMT:30) and US (GMT-08:00) time zones

A collaborative and friendly work environment with peers who are eager to learn from each other and put their best work forward every day

The opportunity to work closely with and learn from experienced business leaders

How to Apply?

Apply with your resume

Add links to your GitHub profile and open source contributions.

Include projects you have worked on, with technical details. For each project, include a one-liner description of the problem you were trying to solve, the technology you chose to use, the challenges you faced, and the scale (RPM) of the project. Also include any other non-trivial information about the project.

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