Ruby/Rails Dev for Regional News Company

Company: Lewis County Press
Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 20.JUL.2017


We operate several small newspapers in the midwest, all running on our in-house tech platform.


Lewis County Press is a company with an established business model (rural, hyper-local news), and a solid technical foundation. From the ground up, we’re building a next-gen news platform and we’re looking for a few developers to join us. Other than the fact that we're well funded and have a successful business model, we run like a start-up with a small, smart team and limited scope.

You'll thrive here if you're a creative problem solver, and if you enjoy tackling tough technical problems. We need people that can take loose requirements, refine them into something doable, and iterate with feedback. All while finding an appropriate per-project balance between quick wins and long-term stability. We're a small company, and that means a lot of opportunity for you to grow and learn every aspect of building and delivering a working product, and growing a business.

We’re not dogmatic, and we believe in using the right tool for the job. Here’s an overview of our stack as it sits today:

- Agile (essentially Scrum)

- Ruby

- Rails

- Postgres

- Chef

- Angular

The company (Lewis County Press):

We've been around for 7 years buying and revamping rural news organizations. We pick up small newspapers and make them sustainable and profitable, breathing new life into what is oftentimes a 100+ year-old entity. We keep the pre-existing staff and we don't mess with the editorials (no “Sponsored Content”, or anything like that). We do give them new software and training, though, to help on the backend and business side of things. Our goal is to give the local staff an intuitive, cohesive tool that doesn’t get in the way.

The team:

We’re a small team. Myself, Doug, and John make up the dev team, and we work closely with a team of 2 support reps. The 5 of us build and support tools which the rest of the organization rely on heavily.

We have a flexible remote work policy. We meet in our Central West End office once or twice a week for planning, white-boarding, etc, but otherwise you're free to work from where-ever you like. We pay competitively, and we will work with you to progress on your career path both within this company, and beyond.

We don't discriminate based on gender, race, sexuality, or a host of other factors because we don't believe they detract from your ability to be a valuable contributor and leader.

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