Ruby On Rails/ Python Developer

Company: Archon Resources
Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 21.MAY.2020


The Web Developer builds, tests and implements custom code, developing enhancements that enable a positive end-user experience. Working as p...


The Web Developer builds, tests and implements custom code, developing enhancements that enable a positive end-user experience. Working as part of the Data &Technology team, the Web Developer develops programs and digital media. They are a responsive problem solver and adept at finding creative and innovative solutions to clients' needs. They stay current with industry and technological advancements, move quickly and efficiently from one task to the next in a typical day and work well in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.

Essential Job Functions

Develops and updates custom web applications to meet Public Strategies' and clients' needs

Follows internally defined software development standards and applies these to current and new projects

Collaborates with project managers to implement software solutions based on client specifications and requirements documentation

Works with other software developers using a suite of development and collaboration tools to write and maintain code according to defined standards

Writes/reads clean, well-documented custom code

Ensures visual and design integrity of responsive websites

Assists with technical support of website development and function

Undertakes special projects in support of various clients


Bachelor's degree and/or certification/coursework/related work experience in Web Development, Computer Science or related field required


Note: Depth of experience in the skills below will help determine whether the Web Developer is hired as a mid-level, or senior developer.


Hired as Mid-Level (4-7 years of experience)

Hired as Senior (8+ years of experience)

Backend technologies such as Ruby, Python, PHP or Node.js, and/or

Frontend technologies such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript


Database technologies such as MySQL or PostgreSQL

Git for code version control

Object-oriented programming concepts

React or similar frontend frameworks, and/or

Rails or similar backend frameworks

Mac or Linux command line tools

UI/UX skills

Job Requirements:
  • Facing, rails-based portal
  • Build and scale existing rails application
  • Migrate legacy applications written using older versions of ruby and rails to use current versions
  • Develop plugins using a cluster oriented ruby framework
  • Get up-to-speed on some large rails codebases
  • Implement massively scalable backend system tying in postgres, rails and redis
  • Engineering new software and web applications
  • Participate in iterative application design and development activities within the Grails framework using industry/ITS best practices
  • Ensure quality design, delivery, and adherence to corporate standards
  • Develop eloquent web application features and components
  • Participate in software application development
  • Develop web applications from the ground
  • Architecting and developing web applications using the following technologies
  • Develop plugins using a cluster oriented ruby framework
  • Develop and maintain web application code in Ruby on Rails
  • Know how to optimize queries as well as different strategies for caching data
  • Set up new clients in the system
  • Set direction for web development practices
  • Create and deploy scalable web applications
  • Troubleshoot application code-related issues

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