Ruby on Rails Developer (Part-time)

Company: ektello
Location: Plymouth , Massachusetts, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 17.MAY.2018


Job Description Job Description This is a contract position for an experienced software programmer/analyst with experience managing all as...


Job Description

Job Description

This is a contract position for an experienced software programmer/analyst with experience managing all aspects of a web application, responsive design and associated infrastructure. Will be responsible for managing a high-volume Ruby on Rails web application, including multiple hosting environments, a content distribution network, and several add-on services. Will have a need for up to 10 hours per month for maintenance, troubleshooting, customer support and feature enhancement development. Will report directly to the production manager.

Preferred Experience

A minimum of 2 years experience in the following skills:

· Managing a production web application and hosting infrastructure

· Developing production-ready Ruby on Rails web applications, both front- and back-end components

· Responsive design

· Managing code in a Git repository with multiple branches

· Writing estimates for feature enhancements and new projects

· Communicating effectively with both non-technical and technical users

· Managing project deadlines effectively through Trello platform

· Coordinating with other service contractors

· Maintaining comprehensive project documentation

· Experience using HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript techniques and frameworks

· Writing and maintaining Rspec and Cucumber test suites

· Working with a PostgreSQL database

Experience with these additional skills would also be beneficial:

· Managing a bug/issue tracking system (Trello, Trac, Redmine, etc.)

· Working with Heroku's hosting platform

· Working with Amazon S3 and Cloud Files' cloud storage platform

· Using profiling and debugging tools to streamline code and enhance throughput

· Auditing a web application infrastructure and making recommendations for adding or removing components as necessary

· Managing multi-stage hosting environments

Company Description
ektello is a national staffing firm that places Creative, Marketing, Digital and Information Technology talent. With a team of experienced industry veterans we have developed a global network to ensure great service for our talent network and our clients. We provide business savvy, creative and technically proficient individuals with great opportunities to grow their careers.

At ektello, we are all about delivering the best experience for both our talent and clients. Our goal is to create the most seamless career search and hiring process, while always providing the most experienced talent.

We believe that each person brings a unique set of skills and each position requires the same.

Our Talent is Connecting the two!

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