Ruby on Rails Application Engineer

Company: Dental Intel LLC
Location: Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 31.JUL.2021


Dental Intelligence - Ruby on Rails Application Engineer COMPANY Dental Intelligence is the world's #1 software for tracking, analyzing, man...


Dental Intelligence - Ruby on Rails Application Engineer COMPANY Dental Intelligence is the world's #1 software for tracking, analyzing, managing & growing dental practices. We connect to the management and financial software, then track everything in a practice, analyzing instantly, automating, finding opportunities, & communicating with our customers. It's packed with smart tools that work together to make sure nothing ever falls through the cracks again, team members save time, help more patients, increase production & so much more... Our world class solution has awarded us recognition on top industry lists, such as the Inc. 5000 (#381), Utah's Fastest 50 Companies and Utah Valley's Fast 50' in the last year alone. Our success is driven by a talented team of passionate and purpose driven people. We care about what we are doing it for and most importantly who we are doing it with. We are creating something impactful for both our customers we serve and all of us, the people who serve them. With Dental Intel's rapid growth comes an exciting career path and professional development opportunities. The career path will continue to progress as you grow in your skill set, development and certifications. Your course is limitless! DESCRIPTION You will be responsible for architecting and developing high scale, low latency web applications that make patients happy, and help dental practices grow! You are expected to bring an innovative mindset to a fantastic development team to improve features, function, and efficiency across the architecture. JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Solid working knowledge in service-oriented design and development Experience designing and developing REST APIs Solid experience with cloud services and building blocks Ruby on Rails SQL and/or NoSQL Docker Azure and/or AWS Aptitude for evaluating and learning new technologies Self-motivated with a strong sense of accountability Team player: You value being part of a great team and realize that being positive and helpful is as valuable as having great skill BONUS POINTS Experience with other languages and frameworks, I.e. Python/Django and Node.js Experience with Nginx Experience with ElasticSearch Experience with event driven application communication using Kafka or other pub-sub systems REQUIREMENTS Bachelor's Degree desired Requires 2 to 4 years of related experience Thrive on change: What others see as a risk or threat, you see opportunity Create solutions for constant improvement across the architecture Expert problem solver: You are not afraid of challenging problems, and attack them tenaciously with a structured and analytical approach A lack of documentation, or incorrect documentation does not scare you, and you are able to fight through the challenge You are a team player: You value being part of a great team and realize that being positive and helpful is as valuable as having great skill Must be able to communicate clearly and confidently about innovative recommendations to improve function across the architecture BENEFITS At di., we know that our team is the most important part of our success. With this belief in mind, we have designed a complete compensation plan with benefits, rewards and perks that allow you to be successful in whatever level of career you are currently in from a part time student wanting an incredible paid learning experience to a full-time driven strategist. At di., you'll enjoy: Target compensation based on experience Employer contribution to health insurance premiums (100% for individual coverage, 60% for family coverage) Employer contribution to dental insurance premiums Employer contribution of $1,500 annually into your Health Savings Account 100% coverage of life and disability insurance Eligible for $2,500 Annually towards approved Student Tuition Reimbursements 3 Weeks of PTO 401K with up to 5.5% Match Unlimited access to financial planners and fund managers to help you plan and improve your long-term financial wants and needs. $100 on your first anniversary date $500 on your fifth anniversary date plus dinner out on di. $1000 on your tenth anniversary date plus a paid weekend getaway Complimentary well-stocked kitchen and break rooms Access to annual corporate ski passes Ongoing continuing human performance coaching Paid parental leave (2 weeks paternal, 6 weeks maternal) 9 paid Holidays plus a half day to celebrate your birthday Awesome di. Swag Compensation, benefits, rewards and perks are great, but they don't make a company or individual successful - the work we do does. At di., we're enabling dental practice across the country to grow smarter and faster, allowing them to do more and even better dentistry and ultimately improving the oral healthcare of America. At di., we make a difference for thousands of lives every day. This is what truly defines success. We make a difference for our customers, our partners and our team members and it's this work that we are passionate about driving us to show up each day while enjoying all the other financial benefits and perks.

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