Ruby Developer

Company: Analysts International
Location: Plano , Texas, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 02.SEP.2020


RUBY DEVELOPER Our software team is updating our software technology stack. To boost us into the future we have moved to a cloud-based infra...


RUBY DEVELOPER Our software team is updating our software technology stack. To boost us into the future we have moved to a cloud-based infrastructure on AWS and are now moving to provide new APIs for use internally and by our business partners. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will Aid in trainingmentoring of other developers while also being excited to learn from others. Participate in requirements, architecture, and design discussions. Collaborate on design and architecture direction, with an eye toward short-term flexibility while pushing for long-term gain. Provide technical leadership via knowledge and understanding of software design and architecture. Design, implement, and test high-availability systems for processing incoming telemetry data including geolocation, mapping and correlation of location data, application of geofence-based rules for notification, managing business relationships that allow sharing of assets, and enabling secure access to both web-based UIs and APIs. Support customer issues and requests along with the rest of the team. Use the existing code base to garner knowledge and understanding of current functions. Use and help investigate AWS native solutions including deployment (DevOPS) mechanisms. Know or be willing to learn to develop with Ruby, JavaScript (Node.js), and Python. Initial projects will include buildout of our GraphQL APIs for managing user organization accounts relationships and moving our authentication processes to a more modern and universal SSO architecture. How You Qualify Must Have 7+ years of professional experience as a Senior Software Engineer or similar role. Strong knowledge of Ruby. (Similar knowledge of Python or similar languages may be substituted.) API design and development experience with priority given to GraphQL knowledge. Understanding of and ability to explain standard programming techniques (OOP, functional, etc.). Ability to discuss business concerns and relate to technological ones. Material experience writing, testing, deploying, and maintaining applications deployed to a cloud-based infrastructure. Should be able to argue for and against different architectural options (microservices, monolith, etc.) Confidence using software version control systems to organize and parallelize development efforts. Preferred to Have Understanding of different data storage mechanisms, including RDBMS (specifically PostgreSQL) and keyvalue cache (specifically Redis), as well as the tradeoffs involved in making choices between them. Experience with message-based systems (message bus, message streaming, pubsub, etc.). Knowledge of AWS product offerings and deployment mechanisms. Kubernetes (EKS) is a specific preference. Solid understanding of and experience with AgileLean values principles and related methods. Nice to Have Experience with GIS software (specifically PostGIS, shapefiles, KML, MapServer, OpenLayers). Experience in IoT development. GPS device or other embedded systemshardware background. Experience with any of the following Docker, Kafka, Resque, RESTful services. Familiarity with TerraformTerragrunt andor other ldquoinfrastructure as coderdquo technologies.

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