Remote Full-stack Rails Developer

Location: United States, Remote - Anywhere
Type: Full-time
Posted: 20.OCT.2020


Op4G is a market research company that specializes in survey traffic. We’re looking for a new developer to join the company's remote software team.



  • 3+ years of experience with web technologies and web app development.
  • 1-2+ years of experience with Ruby on Rails.
  • Working knowledge of PostgreSQL, git/GitHub, testing/TDD, Heroku, and the MacOS/Linux dev environment.
  • Good work ethic.
  • Good written and verbal English communication skills.
  • Must be a US citizen and reside in the continental US.
  • Available during US daytime business hours.
  • Able to travel occasionally (2-4 times/year) for company meetings. No one is currently traveling due to COVID, but we expect to meet again in person at some point.

This is a full-time, salaried position with health insurance, paid vacation, and 401(k). Salary will be based on experience, starting at $75,000/year.

About us
We’re a small software team, with three full-time developers and two part-time. We’re working on a Rails 5.2 app that runs the company operations. We’re regularly shipping new features while keeping a high level of code quality. Maintenance and refactoring is a regular part of our process, but we have 90% test coverage and a low amount of technical debt.

About you
We’re looking for someone who is excited about the work, easy to get along with, and able to consistently make progress without constant supervision. As a member of a small team, you’ll get the opportunity to make a big impact. We have a mix of new development and maintenance work planned and you will likely be doing both.

Some tasks you might work on:

  • Integrate with an outside service to stop and start drip campaigns.
  • Create a job that automatically emails members who need to finish signing up.
  • Improve an upload process that is timing out for large files.
  • Work on refactoring some code to remove a model we no longer need.

As you learn the business and the application, you’ll work on larger features that touch all parts of the business, both for internal staff and public users.

The process

  • Resumes: We'll collect resumes for 2-4 weeks.
  • Team fit discussion: We'll schedule a video call to meet, give you an overview of the company, and chat about your experience. You should expect general questions related to Rails development, but we don't ask you to write code in person.
  • Code challenge: We'll ask you to do an at-home code exercise. We don't expect you to spend more than 4-8 hours on it and we'll give you a couple weeks so it's not too stressful on your schedule. The goal is to see how you tackle a short list of features and to give us a relevant example of your work that we can discuss together.
  • Code discussion: We'll get on a video call where you can share your screen and walk us through the work that you did in the coding exercise.
  • Meet the CEO: We'll get on a call with the CEO and discuss any benefits questions you have.
  • Check references: We'll ask you for three references, one of which needs to be an existing or past employer.
  • Job offer: We'll send you an offer letter with a timeline for you coming on board.

Thanks for considering joining the team at Op4G. We know that interviewing is a lot of work and we appreciate you thinking about us.

Get More Details


Send your resume to No recruiters, please.

Writing samples
Written communication is very important for a remote team. Please answer the following questions to give us an idea of your writing style:

  • Have you ever worked remotely before? What do you see as the pros and cons?

  • Do you have any experience with agile/Agile development? What do you like or dislike about it?

  • What do you like or dislike about Rails?


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