Principal Full Stack Rails Engineer - Expert Use

Company: Stitch Fix
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 08.MAY.2018


MultiThreaded Engineering at Stitch Fix Stitch Fix is an online personal styling startup in San Francisco, combining art and science to dis...


MultiThreaded Engineering at Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is an online personal styling startup in San Francisco, combining art and science to disrupt and redefine the retail industry. Our engineering teams build the tools that run our business, from our customer-facing website and mobile app to unique and innovative tools that power our warehouse, merchandising, and styling teams. We leverage vast amounts of client data to make decisions throughout the company. All of this results in a simple, powerful offering to our customers and a successful, growing business. We believe we are only scratching the surface of our opportunity, and we're looking for incredible people to contribute!

About Engineering

Our team is made up of key engineers who built and scaled organizations like Google, Netflix, eBay, and LivingSocial. We build modern software with modern techniques like TDD, continuous delivery, DevOps, and service-oriented architecture. Cross functional partnership is deeply meaningful to us, and is how we've built up immense trust with the people running the business. We focus on high-value products that solve clearly identified problems, and design them in a sustainable way. In fact, some of our proudest moments come from solving business problems without writing a line of code.

About the Role

Product is a big aspect of what we do. As a Principal Engineer you will define the product roadmap and technical architecture for your team. Your drive to dig into complex technology and apply solutions to the business in clean, elegant, innovative ways makes you the trusted advisor to director-level business partners to understand needs and balance competing priorities.

You won't do this alone. Working with a team of engineers, you'll help decide what to build and how to build it. You'll not only utilize our current architecture and tools to help the team ship quality software quickly but you will also identify where we need to grow our architecture and technical expertise. You'll help the team to understand the work in front of them, see the most valuable opportunities, and help drive them to the best results. You'll help engineers and business partners turn big problems into a series of small, shippable solutions.

About the Teams

Currently, we are looking for Principal Engineers for several of our teams:

About Warehouse, Inventory, and Operations Engineering Team

Our warehouse, inventory, and operations team cannot succeed without strong engineers. As a Principal Engineer, you'll work with our business partners to create a roadmap for delivering solutions to warehouse process improvement, workforce management, logistics decision-making, and workflow optimization. You'll also be on the front-lines building and delivering them. We have a system that scales linearly with our business, and we need your help to make it logarithmic.

About Merchandising Engineering Team

Our Merchandising Tools team builds products to help the Women's and Men's merchandising departments. As a Principal Engineer, you will build tools that cover planning, buying, allocation and new style development. You will also work closely with the data science team dedicated to merchandising, helping to turn their powerful data-driven recommendations into seamless elements of the merchants' workflows. Our aim is to help Stitch Fix merchants be the most innovative and efficient in the retail world.

About Styling Platform Engineering TeamThe Styling engineering team builds the web platform that our stylists use to style our clients. As a Principal Engineer, you will build tools that allow our stylists to efficiently choose the perfect items to send to each of our clients. You'll also work closely with our data science team to incorporate recommendation algorithms and run experiments to test possible new ideas and improvements. The styling platform is in many ways the heart of the business, and crucial to our success.

About the Technology

Technologies we use to solve problems include:

* Ruby on Rails

* Postgres

* Redis

* RabbitMQ

* Go


* Angular / React

We get excited about engineers who have...

* Real Technology Experience. You define how we build software. You have a deep understanding of how to evolve systems for scale. You are experienced in building a wide variety of systems and know when to evaluate and apply solutions that are new to Stitch Fix.

* Product Experience. You proactively identify and gather the proper cross-functional group together to lead projects that leverage technology to solve business problems. Your team members and business partners seek out your opinion on how the product you're building should work. You aren't afraid to dig deep and ask the tough questions of our customers, company and executive team.

* Leadership Style. Once you've got something, we don't have to worry about it. You have a bias toward action and will help members of the team at all levels be their best selves.

* Respect for the Craft. You build software sustainably, using modern techniques. You are always looking for more and better ways to write software, and can't wait to share them with your team.

* Respect, Empathy and Humility. You take your work seriously but not yourself. You show everyone respect, regardless of the circumstance.

Bonus Points

* You have experience working collaboratively as a distributed team-we use GitHub, Heroku, Slack, and Blue Jeans to get stuff done online.

* You are good at prototypes and design discussion-experience using pull requests, one-pagers, or screencasts to create rapid prototypes that demonstrate new features.

* You have experience with testing and CI-we're working with the usual Ruby gems like Rspec, Capybara and others for unit and feature tests and use CircleCI to bring it all together.

* You have experience in distributed, service-oriented architecture-we're using tools like RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch, and headless HTTP services to scale our team and software.

Why you'll love working here...

* Competitive salaries, equity, and comprehensive health benefits.

* A business that trusts and embraces technology.

* A leadership team that wants to do it right and is open to new ideas.

* A startup with a proven business model that's growing fast.

* Use your preference of tools and hardware.

* Fully stocked pantry with your choice of snacks and drinks.

* Sunny offices in downtown San Francisco, CA, Austin, TX and Pittsburgh, PA, or your home :)

* Full support for remote work-you get to visit our SF office every couple months to connect with your peers and partners.


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