Junior ROR developer, US-based, Fully Remote

Company: DualEnroll
Location: Remote - Anywhere
Type: Full-time
Posted: 15.FEB.2022


Help at-risk students, contribute to a market-leading higher ed cloud solution and further advance your skills. Competitive salary and benefits.


Fully-remote growth opportunity for junior ROR developer

DualEnroll works with over 50 US colleges and universities helping at risk students acquire post-secondary credits and credentials.  We’re looking for a fully-remote US based junior RoR developer for a full-time position with a flexible schedule and great benefits.

You’ll work directly with senior programmers and product managers who will help you develop your technical knowledge and programming skills.  You’ll start by building and updating workflows for our colleges using ROR, javascript, and our proprietary state-based workflow engine.  As your skills and understanding of our environment grows, you’ll have the opportunity to advance to more senior work like building or extending core platform features and contributing step modules to the library.  

Who you are

  • Intellectually curious—excited about learning our platform and the higher education segment
  • Proactive--you identify problems and propose solutions versus just 'doing what you're told'
  • Self-motivated—you assume ownership for a project.  You ask for help when needed versus 'spinning your wheels', but you take personal responsibility for getting your projects over the finish line
  • Collaborative—eager for feedback and insights that you can incorporate into your next project
  • Fun to work with—we have a great team dynamic and we like working with people we like

What you’ll do as a member of our 8-person team

  • Collaborate with the CEO to understand a functional spec then map out a technical approach to translate those requirements into a functioning workflow
  • Execute that approach with Ruby (and occasionally some Javascript) to create an automated workflow including conditionals, dependencies and other functional requirements 
  • Develop an understanding of the context and ecosystem of our business that allows you to make informed decisions about workflow details in ways that best support our customer's objectives
  • Help our support and QA teams untangle complex bugs.
  • Over time, advance from workflow development to more senior developer projects like writing core features and steps
Awesome opportunity for the right person--email CEO with a description of your background and what apppeals to you about this position.  

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