Javascript Developer

Company: Software Technology Group
Location: Not Specified, Utah, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.MAY.2023


Summary Software Technology Group is a software development consulting company dedicated to building software solutions that transform our ...



Software Technology Group is a software development consulting company dedicated to building software solutions that transform our clients businesses. Unlike most consulting companies, we have full-time salaried positions and offer our employees the chance to build and strengthen their skills with our custom Career Developing Plans, Certifications, Mentorships, and training. Our main goal is to help you have the career you want while also building the skill set you desire - sounds pretty awesome right?

We're currently looking for Javascript Developers to join our team. If you're ready for the job of a lifetime, and ready to see how STG can develop your career, your skills and your life, apply today. We can't wait to hear from you!


Required Skills & Experience

  • Understanding of advanced programming concepts like algorithms, data structures, and design patterns.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript libraries, and frameworks and how to use them to build complex web applications.
  • Experience with React
  • Knowledge of modern web development technologies like WebSockets, WebRTC, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
  • Understanding of APIs to interact with backend and third-party services. They should be familiar with RESTful APIs and how to use them.
  • Familiarity with server-side programming languages like Node.js, PHP, Python, or Ruby on Rails.
  • Knowledge of testing and debugging tools like Mocha, Jest, and Chrome DevTools.
  • Good communication and collaboration skills to work effectively with other members of the development team.
  • Ability to write large chunks of a project with small amounts of external help

About STG

STG is a consulting company unlike any other. Since 1996 our unusual business model has been changing consultants' lives and is even more cutting edge in today's unpredictable job market. How so? Unlike many other consulting companies, most STG consultants are full-time employees complete with benefits and paid time off.

So how exactly does that work? We know that in the consulting world jobs often come and go, but we've come up with a way to keep the money and resources coming in even when you're not on a job! When you're in between jobs not only will you continue to be paid, but you'll also get access to our Dev. Center where you can keep working on growing your craft and skill sets. It's truly the best of both worlds.

We have been employing the top software developers along the Wasatch Front for over 20 years and don't plan on stopping any time soon. If you're looking for a role where you and the work you do is valued beyond compare, STG is the place for you.

A few of the things that set us apart

  • Work-life balance - We know that the best work comes from fresh minds so a balanced schedule is a top priority. Subtle brag - we are a multi-year winner of the Alfred P. Sloan award for our outstanding accomplishments in workplace flexibility (aka we practice what we preach).

  • Continuous learning - Things in the tech world are constantly changing so we want to make sure you have the resources you need to kick butt in whatever you're working on. We offer a mentoring program that pairs junior software consultants with our senior consultants. Software consultants at all levels benefit from our regular training programs and education reimbursement options.

  • Quality people & Quality work - STG's management and consultants are considered industry leaders, working together to develop advanced, innovative solutions for our clients. Basically, our people are seriously awesome.

  • Employee value - Without our employees, STG could not exist (we would actually cease to exist). So to show our gratitude and appreciation, we offer outstanding benefits, regular bonus opportunities, and SO much more.

We hope we've already convinced you, but if you need a few more reasons as to why you should work at STG, learn more here:

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