Full Stack Ruby Engineer

Company: Federated Media Publishing, Inc.
Location: Los Angeles , California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 01.MAR.2018


The Job We're seeking talented Full Stack Engineer with Ruby / Rails experience for our product work in our office in Hermosa Beach, CA. R...


The Job

We're seeking talented Full Stack Engineer with Ruby / Rails experience for our product work in our office in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Required Skills:

* 2+ years of building commercially available jRuby, Ruby, Ruby on Rails applications with real customers.

* Experience with TDD/BDD methodologies and testing frameworks including RSpec

* Experience designing APIs adhering to the REST architecture style

* Proficiency in at least one single page framework - Backbone, React, Ember, Angular, or similar. Preference for Backbone, React.

* Advanced understanding of AJAX frameworks, REST and JSON

* Strong understanding of front-end optimization techniques

* Strong understanding of object oriented patterns and designs principles

* Strong understanding of Test Driven Development using Rspec.

* Ability to follow best gitflow practices

* MySQL & Postgresql best practices

* Caching & optimization best practices for

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

* Data analysis

* Large-scale data handling / warehousing


* Experience with React & Redux

* Experience with Backbone JS

* Experience with Jest testing

* Extensive Experience with Rails

About You:

* You should be comfortable with the Rails stack and all of the major "Golden Path" libraries.

* You're down to integrate with the team on larger team projects but you can own and architect end-to-end solutions for smaller, fast-turnaround projects.

* You can design SQL schemas, index properly, and to code, diagnose and optimize SQL queries.

* Handling things in serial isn't always going to fly, so you have experience with task queues and various concurrency strategies.

* We value a great attitude, strong work ethic, the desire to interact with users, and the ability to comprehend and react to ever-changing business needs are a must.

* Work with Product Management, Marketing and Business to define features, priorities and timelines

About Us:

HYFN8 is a multi platform advertisement solution. It originated about 3 years ago when we transitioned to digital advertisement from social media moderation product. At that point we were the 3th ranked company in the world, recognized by Facebook for social media domain knowledge. HYFN8 is the SaaS product that our media business is built around. Currently we have Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter integrated into HYFN8 and the channels keep growing. We have exponentially increased our revenue year after year and looking forward to thrive in the coming ones.

The driving force of our success is our development team who have strong focus on problem solving. The development team practices agile scrum with daily stand ups, estimation meetings, sprints and retrospectives and test driven development. All team members are expected to participate and contribute. We believe that it's our process and development methodologies that made us who we are and guided our progress through the growth of our product. We strongly believe and practice Test Driven Development on every level of the tech stack.We are a closely knit team that likes to think about problems deeply and we approach problems from multiple angles. HYFN has dedicated teams in Software Development , UX, and Design that shapes every aspect of our product. On our free time we surf, play ping pong, or we watch the sunset through the office window in Playa Vista, CA where we are located.

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