Full Stack Developer (Ruby / React / Remote)

Company: Territory Foods
Location: Denver, Colorado, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 06.DEC.2017


Job Description We're grateful to have served over 2 million meals to date, helping tens of thousands of customers spend more time doing th...


Job Description

We're grateful to have served over 2 million meals to date, helping tens of thousands of customers spend more time doing the things they love (and feeling better with every meal along the way), while helping dozens of local, independent chefs grow healthy, thriving businesses. We recognize that an integral part of achieving this (and so much more) is the software that powers everything we do.

That's where you, the Full Stack Developer, comes in. We need you to help us do what we do better by building intuitive systems that solve real problems.


What exactly will you do?

  • You'll help shape and guide our core systems, tech, and software as the business matures.
  • You'll be a critical part of a high-performing product & engineering team, working closely with our product manager, designers, the CS crew, marketers, and at times with our ops and culianry crew.
  • You'll work directly with our Head of Engineering daily, from mapping out more strategic pieces like long-term architecture vision ("OMG LETS MICROSERVICES! ... maybe..."), to figuring out more tactical implementation details for a weekly sprint ("I think we should call it DeliveryMenu instead of MenuDelivery because reasons.")
  • You'll write code. (Really? yes.) But only as much as you need to build/improve features that solve problems.
  • You'll look for ways to make the existing product better, from basic infrastructure maintenance to aligning customer metaphors with system metaphors.
  • You'll respond to escalated CS issues, helping find out what (if anything) went wrong, how to fix, and how we can do better next time.
  • ... in short: team up with us to carve order from chaos as we build the platform that our business relies on.

and what kinds of problems will you be working on?

  • Our core system is a double-sided market, matching customer perferences in food with available inventory from chefs. There's a lot we can do to improve this, from better use of data for food recommendations, to load balancing production for chefs.
  • We're an ecommerce company, with a subscription twist. Figuring out the best way to handle subscription payments for a physical, perishable good, where we have a weekly deadline... it's is a difficult problem. Can we take a weekly job run and work it into a just-in-time approach?
  • We're iterating on our customer experience weekly, and we're always testing hypotheses. Managing experiments + variants is tricky. How do we give folks the best experience possible, while supporting folks like CS, data/reporting, and experiment impact on other teams (like culinary)
  • We're not purely software - there's tons of logistics in our business. From curating menus to delivering food to helping our gym partners, we solve problems that cross from the digital into the physical every day.


  • You constantly look to elevate others.
  • You're a pragmatic builder who focuses on the 'why' just as much as the 'how'.
  • You're insatiably curious, yet have the wisdom to know when to explore the next path, or keep heads down.
  • You share gratitude and appreciation often.
  • You're a maker, preferring prototypes and action over nailing the perfect plan
  • You aim to converse with empathy, trying to put yourself in the other's shoe.
  • You try to understand things well enough that even the most complex of topics (from technical to process) is something you could explain simply to others.
  • You give more than you take.
  • You're humble; you always have something to learn form someone else.
  • You respect others' expertise and time, optimistically trusting as a default.
  • You aim for authenticity, building trust through openness and acceptance.
  • You embrace autonomy, and strive to be proactive.


  • You're comfortable with Ruby and Rails; most of our codebase is here today.
  • You're familiar with client-side tech. We use a lot of ReactJS around here.
  • Heroku: You should know how to deploy + maintain apps; when to scale resources (workers + add-ons).
  • Continuous integration: GitHub branching/PRs, automated testing, Semaphore CI, whatever it takes to ship often, reliably, and confidently. We use a combo of Rspec, Capybara, and Teaspoon/Jasmine for testing.
  • You've made decisions about a technical approach and seen how your ideas play out after building it out and living with it.
  • Remote work is second-nature to you. You're aware of your time, of working to your rhythm, of taking breaks when you need them, of over-communicating and the importance of facetime, and of the dozens of other challenges that remote work brings… but you appreciate the freedom and responsibility remote work grants.


Values-wise, you've gotten a taste above. We're looking for folks who care about the things we care about.

We believe at our core that the most important thing for anyone is to do challenging work that you're naturally drawn to, with a team you dig, in order to make a meaningful difference in the world.

We're a mission-driven bunch, with all sorts of folks coming together, motivated to both make great eating crazy simple, delicious and life-changing. We value creating a diverse and inclusive environment for our employees, and we celebrate the things that make us who we are. We're actively working on building a culture where under-indexed groups are truly welcomed and can flourish.

We offer competitive compensation (including benefits: health, dental and vision insurance and a 401k) because we're in it for the long haul, and we believe the only way we'll hire and keep great folks is by compensating them in great ways. Stuff you'd expect--devices, vacations, parental leave, free food--is all here.


Company Description
Our true north is helping folks experience the incredible feeling and all the cool life
stuff that can happen when you eat and move better.

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