Dev Ops/Ruby Developer

Company: OptimisCorp
Location: Los Angeles (Downtown), California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 02.OCT.2017


Job Description Do you dream about fine tuning software while you sleep? If so, we want to talk to you. OptimisCorp was started in 2006 wi...


Job Description

Do you dream about fine tuning software while you sleep? If so, we want to talk to you.

OptimisCorp was started in 2006 with the vision to change lives by getting people's hearts pumping. Our goal is to position physical therapists at the center of this effort since therapists are "the" experts in human movement and function. We began by building OptimisPT which gives therapists the latest research at the point of care and ensures therapists receive full reimbursement for the care they offer. The current version of OptimisPT was launched in 2010 and we now have over 400 clinics using our software. In addition to continuing to make OptimisPT the industry leading EMR for therapists, we are also developing health and wellness tools to help therapists and other allied health and wellness professionals work together to change lives.

We are hiring a Dev Ops/Ruby Developer who is passionate about technology and improving individual's lives through health and wellness. Our working environment is a very collaborative one. The product team doesn't throw requirements over some imaginary wall to engineering, and engineering doesn't throw code over some imaginary wall to QA. We all collaborate together.

So…if you like fine tuning applications and working closely with the hardware that supports the application, let's talk. We expect all of our software engineers to develop across the entire development stack. There are lots of interesting, complex, and challenging problems that will leverage your skills; oh, and new things come up every day.

Here are some of the tools we use so experience in these would be a big plus:

Ruby on Rails








Docker/UCP, docker clusters, discovery service

DNS config

HA proxy

Linux configuration

Travis CI (Or CI in general)

Shell scripting

Monit (or other Linux process monitoring and system alerts)

Skills and Requirements: Overall we need people that have shown the ability to solve difficult problems and can collaborate as a team.

Experience is helpful but we are looking for raw talent.


· Medical

· Dental

· 9 paid holidays, including a birthday holiday

· 401k plan

· Stock Options (ask us about this)

· 15" MacBook Pro Retina

· Casual dress code

· Some ability to work from home

Company Description
OptimisCorp (Optimis) is a company staffed with renowned clinical experts dedicated to the science of health, movement and function. Optimis works to improve the consistency and quality of care delivered by health care professionals by creating groundbreaking software programs that raise the quality of clinical care and promote collaboration among health care clinicians and fitness professionals. These programs allow clinicians to access evidence-based and clinically proven tools to provide higher quality care for rehab care, injury prevention, performance and wellness, including weight management. Optimis has operating units, which include the management of physical therapy and wellness centers, software services, billing, compliance consulting and branded events.

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