Back-End Software Engineer

Location: Sydney, Australia
Type: Full-time
Posted: 12.OCT.2017


We are building the next generation social-influencing platform. Be our go-to-expert for database and API development at Visual Amplifiers.


Company Overview

Visual Amplifiers (VAMP) are a next generation digital advertising start-up. The business centre’s around the social media influencer and content creation marketing space. We started within the Digital4ge incubator program and since then have progressed in to a fully funded business with offices in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UAE with further growth planned over the coming year.

As a start-up we are a young, enthusiastic and passionate team – we don’t walk; we run. We don’t follow; we lead. We dream, and then we do. Our ideas are big, but our results are bigger. Bigger still is our collective pursuit of positive change – the innovations that will move our industry forward in new and exciting directions.

About the Role

As a back-end software engineer at VAMP, you’ll be:

  • The go-to-expert for anything database and API related
  • Developing highly-transactional, robust, superb quality API for our content creator-facing app as well as internal tools
  • Integrating 3rd-party APIs such as Instagram, Facebook, PayPal, Stripe, Sendle, Qwilr, Firebase, and etc. into the Vamp API
  • Working closely with the product owner and the development team to produce high-quality solutions in timely manner
  • Continually maintaining and optimising our database and API codebase
  • Maintaining and updating Vamp infrastructure on AWS as necessary
  • Contributing ideas on improving the development process
  • Based in Sydney
  • Reporting to the Technical Director

Required Technical Skills

To be able to do your day-to-day tasks and duties at VAMP, you will need to possess at minimum the following technical know-how:

  • Ruby/Rails or Elixir/Phoenix
  • Other popular framework such as PHP/Laravel, Python/Django, or J2EE is a bonus
  • Functional programming such as Haskell is a bonus
  • Concurrent language such as Rust or Go is a bonus
  • PostgreSQL database, or other SQL databases such as MS-SQL or MySql
  • Git version control
  • AWS
  • Test automation
  • Bash and shell scripting
  • JSON API and RESTful API

Also, you'll find it easier to get your hands dirty from the first day if you have been working a lot with these before:

  • Elixir/Phoenix
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Apache Cordova

Team Culture

Will our team culture fit you? Will we provide you with a ground for growth, challenge, and satisfaction? Well, let's find out together:

  • Do you hate it when an API request takes more than 1 second? 
  • Do you measure process in microseconds rather than milliseconds? 
  • Do you live, breathe, and dream about building better and faster API in your sleep?
  • Do you get excited when you see performance issues with your head racing to come up with brilliant optimisation tricks?
    Do you take ownership of the team's work even though you were not involved in its initial creation?
  • Do you welcome changes without getting defensive on the time and effort already spent on a piece of work?
  • Do you like to focus more on getting the job done than the politics involved in getting a job done?
  • Do you see status quo as a threat to staying relevant rather than keeping safe?
  • Do you see a new experimental technology as a "let's assess this" opportunity rather than as a "stay away, too early" can of worm?

If you answer 'yes' to most of these questions then we'd be thrilled to meet you. 

There are various reasons VAMP staffers love working at VAMP, although I can't speak for all of them, I can definitely tell you what I love about working here. Here are some:

  • The top bosses don't dictate what technology we need to use. They are passionate about the vision of what we as a company want to achieve, but how we get there technologically speaking, well that's in our turf.
  • Outside the tech team, lurks the most helpful, kind, polite, respectful, but most of all, fun people I've ever worked with. They listen to us. They care about us.
  • We work hard and smart, but we also know how to be fun and playful. The top bosses and some of us keep tallies on bin ball scores (never heard of bin ball? Well you just gotta come in, see it and try it for yourself). We also have monthly or bi-monthly outing event where we've done rock climbing, design-your-own-burger, krav maga, trampolining dodge ball, and locked room puzzle in the past.
  • But above all that, we got to build cool and pretty stuffs that get used by thousands of people, soon to be growing to hundreds of thousands of people

How to Apply

Send me your cover letter and CV at if you are interested in applying for this opportunity. Your cover letter should summarise your experience and why you are interested in the role. We are excited to grow our team and to have you in it as part of our exciting journey. 

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