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Trusted Tech Team
"Steve's chat with me has been very professional, informative, helpful, and even enlightening, particularly about aligning timely talent to timely needs of the company, especially in light of the breakneck, rapid pace of the field. Also, coming from an academic background, I found Steve to be relatable due to his EE and cognitive neuroscience backgrounds." - Anuar I.

What do we do?
Founded by Steve Robinson, with over 15 years of hands-on development (including building out this site), we are the anti-recruitment firm working hard to build quality tech careers in our industry.

Technologies & Locations
We work with startups from small to large, finance companies and hedge funds. We cover a range of technologies including Ruby on Rails, Java, .NET, from front-end to back-end, from senior to junior. We are growing and have companies to connect you from New York to Washington DC. 

Say 'Hello'
If you're a developer looking to explore your options, or a company that's looking to grow your team, reach out today and start the conversation. We are happy to answer any questions you might have.

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