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Advance your Ruby career today. Get one-on-one advice from expert career counselors.

You learned Ruby, now learn how companies choose you

Looking to advance your career as a Ruby developer but you’re not getting the response you want? Schedule an appointment with one of our Ruby Career Counselors today to help remove any hidden roadblocks.

Our counselors are all experienced technical recruiters, and will be able to help you navigate the hiring & advancement process.

Perfect your web presence

Companies rely on recruiters to search for top talent--make sure you're being found by the companies you want to work at. The most common place to be found is online, let our experts help you build the web presence you need to get the job you want.

Recruiters use sites like LinkedIn, GitHub, and others to find developers with the skills and history they are looking for. Our career counselors can help make sure you're being found, and approached by the right companies once you're found.

Have a resume that impresses

You've shown your resume to others, but have you ever gotten feedback from someone who reads resumes for a living? A minor difference in wording or skills can be the difference between getting an interview and being passed on just based on your resume.

We will make sure that you aren't missing anything hiring managers are looking for, or have included anything that might raise a red flag. Not every skill or experience will help you get hired--let our team help you build the ideal resume.

Nail your interview

You only get one chance to get your interview right, but how much time have you spent preparing? How often have you practiced? We'll help guide you to make sure every interview is your best possible interview.

Managers will ask a lot of questions, but what they're assessing isn't always on the surface. How you approach your interview can be more important than the technological questions you can answer. Work with our counselors to make sure you're answering the hidden interview questions.

Get paid what you're worth

First, you have to know what you're worth. Our counselors can help you figure out what similar candidates are earning. Don't rely on inaccurate web estimates that miss the full picture, we can help you figure out how all the traits that make you unique fit into a salary negotiation.

Second, learn the techniques you need to get what you want. Don't let an uncomfortable subject change your quality of life.

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