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Working with Recruiters - Steve Robinson, RubyNow

Steve is a developer, tech entrepreneur and recruiter. His broad background as a programmer ranges f

Interviewing: there is a formula - Daniel Chait, Greenhouse

Daniel is co-founder of Greenhouse - recruiting software that automates and simplifies the best prac

Inbound Recruiting (how to reach out effectively) - Davin Chew, SumAll

Serial entrepreneur who founded, built and led engineering teams most recently at SumAll and Squares

Employment branding for tech recruiting - Jovena Whatmoor, Skillfer

Jovena Whatmoor is the founder of Skillfer, a boutique recruitment firm that provides full process r

Hacking Recruiting - Pete Soderling, G33KTalk

Hacking Recruiting - Pete Soderling, G33KTalk - how to recruit engineers for your team

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