Over the past five years, NYC has become the second largest tech hub in the US, and no city has a tech industry growing faster than New York’s. Below is a list of resources to help you keep up with the growth--key meetups to attend, top NYC rails companies and coworking spaces, and intensive Rails programs for those new to Ruby.

NYC Rails Meetups

NYC on Rails

With 2,822 members, NYC on Rails is the largest Ruby on Rails meetup in NYC. Join the meetup to get all the latest news for events, trainings, talks and networking events.


Founded in 2004, NYC.rb is focused more for experienced Ruby and Rails programmers. They meet at least twice a month (once for an event or talk, another for a hackfest), and local job notifications often get posted here.

Ruby Nuby

Ruby Nuby wants to change the pay-forward model of education and eventually teach dev skills to disadvantaged and at-risk youth. If you’re interested in Social Justice, Equality and Diversity, check them out.

NYC Rails Bootcamps

Hacker School

Hacker School is a three-month, immersive school not specifically for Rails, with no teachers or formal criteria. For some devs, however, the price tag (free) and the freedom are exactly what they need.

The Flatiron School

Learning Ruby on Rails in 16 weeks is a tall order, but The Flatiron School seems to have figured it out. With tuition sitting in at $12,000, the cost will be prohibitively expensive for some. The fact that every student in their inaugural class found work, however, suggests the price tag may be well worth it.

General Assembly

General Assembly offers a gamut of programming and non-programming classes, but for an intensive Rails class, look no further than their Web Development Immersive course.

NYC Using Rails


An e-commerce site focused on design, Fab has seen tremendous growth over the past two years. Launched in 2011, Fab now has 12 million registered users and expects to double last year's revenue of $150 million easily.


In 2012 alone, 18,000+ projects raised more than $315 million dollars. Kickstarter has now become a huge player in independent film, music and video games.


By understanding the characteristics that connect artwork, Artsy is attempting to do to art what Pandora has done for music. With over 30,000+ pieces of art and $13 million in investments, Artsy has made quite some noise in New York and Rails communities.

NYC Coworking Spaces

Fueled Collective

Work with 20 of New York's most exciting startups in their Manhattan office, surround yourself with other notable startups in the building, and enjoy year-round benefits like an ice cream cart, popcorn machine, and snack bar.

New Work City

With four membership options, New Work City understands that its members have differing needs. At the end of the day, New Work city is a pretty simple coworking space with no application process and only one rule: get work done.

WeWork Labs

Now with locations in SF and LA too, WeWork Labs is a coworking space that works to surround its members with the people, ideas and services they need to get their startup off the ground.

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