If you’re anything like me you love technology and building things, but try and come up with a fancy looking design for that responsive interface or logo and you’re stumped. If only a programmer could understand what design is at an algorithmic level then offer automated designs at the click of a button. My guest today has done just that and his name is Nadav Shatz co-founder and CTO of Tailor Brands.

In part 1 of the interview Nadav talks about how he came from a Python background and ended up picking a framework based on the Rails stack. He also talks about JRuby and his thoughts on how that can help in gaining scalability and access to other libraries. Nadav also talks about front end selection and his experiences with AngularJS, EmberJS and BackboneJS.

Tune into part 2 of my interview to hear all about his professional experiences as a Ruby on Rails developer with Docker deployments. Get insights as to his lessons learned and tips and tricks. Stay tuned!

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