When was the last time you went into a store and saw that they were using an iPad as a checkout register? It’s probably likely that the technology behind it was developed by the team headed up by my guest today. He’s the CTO of ShopKeep which was founded in 2008, raised 10s of millions of dollars in funding and has offices now in New York, Portland Oregon and Belfast in the UK.

On today’s show we’ll explore the technology behind the product,
what it takes to be a CTO and how to shape your knowledge accordingly

1) Background on Shopkeep
- what was the story behind the business?
- How did the company grow?

2) ShopKeep Technology
- Ruby on Rails application infrastructure and architecture
- What technologies to use for scaling the application

3) CTO Career Path
- What should a potential CTO be thinking about?
- What skills are important for different sized organizations?
- Should you take that next step?

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