Starting with Ruby on Rails and then growing to an ecosystem of technologies and services, Gilt now serves over 6 million members, has a staff of over 1,000 people and has raised 100s of millions of dollars in investment. If anyone knows how to scale an organization and its technology it’s Michael Bryzek the Founder and CTO.

Join Michael as he talks with Steve Robinson about the following topics ...

1) What did that Journey of growth look like?
- what background did Michael have?
- how did they start the company?
- when was the big moment of success? What did it feel like?

2) Technology Architecture
- Why did they start using Rails?
- What technologies did they start to expand into?
- What is a LOSA structure and what benefits does it have as an organization grows?

3) Company Culture
- What's Michael's vision for a Social Experiment?
- Why do developers stick at the organization?

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